11 Dec 2015

Year 1 Update – Wk 16

 Tuesday 15th December – Year 1 Christmas Party

We had vaccinations for about twenty students in each class on Tuesday. The process went very smoothly, and some children were even excited to get a vaccination after a discussion about how they work by giving your body a little bit of germs to get better at fighting them next time your body sees them. They were very courageous! There will be a round of tetanus vaccinations in February as well.

How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: People play different roles in the communities they belong to

Many children were very knowledgeable of roles in the community during some assessment interviews this week. Explaining that doctors help people and police “catch bad guys” came very easy for most students, but going a bit deeper than that was sometimes a struggle. Students had a hard time thinking of the words or going beyond what they have seen on television. Overall, they did very well, but it is a reminder to have lots of conversations with your children at home. Build their language and ask follow up questions!

When school commences, we will be inquiring into history and how artefacts (things!) can help us know more about history. We would LOVE to have some older or antique items to show the class and ask questions about. Take a look around those attics and basements while on holiday!

Today a collection of “Practical Ideas for Early Mathematical Developments” went home. It contains a great many ideas of how to incorporate Mathematics ideas at home. This is not something that should be looked at as homework, but as a way to incorporate maths ideas into every day life through games and fun.

When we return after the holiday, we will be looking closer at place value and data handling.



Now that have introduced all of the basic vowel phonemes, take some time to focus on these during home reading. If you listen carefully, the middle sounds in bat, bet, bit, bot, and but and similar, but to get great at decoding words and writing students will have to hear those differences. During your reading sessions, make sure they are saying those sounds correctly. Here again are the sounds and camera words from group 3.

v  w  y  z  j  n  k  e
all      me      they     is     no       said

There are many missing jackets, sweaters, and fleeces with no names! PLEASE put names on these as soon as you get them. If you remember too late, just send us an email – we would love the opportunity to write your child’s name on an item. : )

Your Maths Questions Answered!

Year 1 Parents, we had some terrific questions asked following our Maths Workshops which took place in November. The Maths team and other staff have provided some answers for you to read. Please be reminded that the powerpoint of the workshop can be found on the BHS Home Page within communication/presentations.

  1. How do I assist my daughter when she already has a book to read every night?

As Maths is in everything we do every day, perhaps you could start small.  May be asking your child to prepare the cutlery at meal times, sorting socks etc.

2. How to find the time?

Try and establish small routines, perhaps set aside a time at the weekend to play a Maths game. Take it in turns to play quick-fire Maths questions when travelling to different places, this should be  fun for both of you. Remember to praise your child for their efforts. Ask other parents how they find the time; you may find they are a great source of ideas.

3. How to better use Mathletics ? The Competition was a bit scary previously.

The online competition on Mathletics is not intended to be scary but an opportunity for children to play against children of a similar age both from Hong Kong but also internationally.  We do appreciate that Mathletics is still a very new resource for our Year 1 students. Practising such games can provide a great sense of achievement for your child as the more they practice, the better they get!

4. How and where  can I find some reference website materials so that I can understand better how to help my child?

Observing your child working on the online Mathletics site will give you an insight into how they are solving questions.  Talking to them about what they are doing is the best way to really understand what help they need.

5. Some Mathematical concepts are quite abstract .  How can we simplify them into language that children know?

Yes, the language of Maths can be very confusing for young children so it is very important to model the use of language and provide a practical context when it is used.

6. How to design interesting games?

Generally any games where children earn points are popular or if they are having to compete against the teacher/parent.

7. How to find out whether the child’s understanding is up to ‘standard’ so as to offer help as appropriate?

Remember to read the weekly update and talk with your child about what they will be doing in class. If in doubt, ask your child’s class teacher.

8. Any useful resources/tips in how a parent can help their kid in Maths?

A booklet of additional activities and Maths learning in the outdoors will be sent home with your child.