24 Mar 2017

Year 1 Update – Wk 26


Friday 31st March- Easter Holidays – School Closes at 12pm
Tuesday 18th April  – School reopens for term 3
Friday 21st April – Year 1 Immunisations
Monday 24th April – Year 1 trip to Zen Organic Farm – Letter to follow shortly.
Tuesday 25th April – Year 4 Bake sale
Monday 1st May – Public holiday
Tuesday 2nd May – BHS CPD Day – school is closed
Wednesday 3rd May – Public holiday

BHS International Food Fair

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who attended the annual PTA International Food Fair. It was such a lovely evening filled with yummy food, music, dance performances and fun. It was lovely to see so many of you there and hope that you all had a wonderful evening.

7 days of ABC’s and 1,2,3’s

This year’s annual BHS Book Week took a different direction and our Maths and English teams combined to organise a jam packed 7 days of Maths through literature. The children have enjoyed listening to a variety of children’s authors, engaged in lunchtime activities based around Maths stories and a wonderful dress up day where the children came to school in book character or Maths based costumes. We were so impressed by all the creative costumes that the children had come up with especially those that were made by the children themselves.



Author visit

This week the Year 1 and 2 children were treated to a visit from author David Schwartz who has written and published several popular Maths and Science books including, “How Much is a Million?” and “Millions to Measure”. The children really enjoyed listening to David and were especially amazed by his interactive way of counting to a million using bags of popcorn!

 Big Universe
Next week your children will be bringing home a username and password for a great new reading platform that we have purchased called Big Universe. It is a supplementary reading resource that you can access at home to help support your children’s reading experience. There are hundreds of interesting and engaging texts covering many different subject areas. We will introduce the children to the website next week and their individual log in details will be stuck in the front of their Home School Diary. Please take the opportunity over the Easter break to explore the website and share some of the books with your children.
As part of our Sharing the Planet unit, the children will be creating some model environments based on the connections between living things. If you have any large cereal boxes or shoe boxes at home please send them into school over the next few weeks. In order to make this project successful we will need approximately  30-45 boxes so your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

We are looking for parent helpers to assist with PMP for Term 3.  The PMP program aims to give students experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing, making perceptual judgements and reacting through carefully sequenced activities. These include running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, sliding, etc. using a variety of common and specially designed equipment to develop perception and motor outcomes along with memory training.  Please email Miss Chung if you think you could commit to a weekly timeslot at susan.chung@bhs.edu.hk

Parenting Conference 
This year we have been asked by several parents to give advice about appropriate bed times, appropriate screen time  and how to handle sibling rivalry at home. In response to these frequently asked questions we have found a parenting conference that will hopefully be of interest to you. AD MediLink will be hosting a Paediatrics and Parenting Conference at the JW Marriott Hotel on Saturday April 22nd from 9.30-4.30 pm. The main topics will include: children’s allergies, handling sibling rivalry and screen management time. If you are interested in attending you can register for free at www.pediatricsparenting.com.

 Sharing the planet

Central Idea: Plants and animals depend of each other for survival in their environments

During U.O.I next week we will be continuing to look at the connections between living things and how they depend on each other for survival. The children will be exploring how humans rely on plants as a food source by preparing and cooking vegetable and fruit kebabs. We will also be engaging in drama activities based on the life cycles of different living things and the connections between living things.

Ms Jeves will be focusing on the connections between the honeybee and plants. She will explore the connection and reasons why they are connected.

Cooking at Home

Well done to Carsten and Ava from 1F who have been busy at home helping to prepare and cook their own food. Carsten made yummy chocolate brownies and Ava enjoyed baking chocolate cupcakes with her sister. Baking is a fun and practical activity that children love. We would love to see more photos of the children engaging in cooking activities at home so please keep sending your pictures into your class teachers.




Objects and numbers can be divided into equal parts and groups.

Share collections into equal parts

Divide objects into equal parts.

Next week will be completing our work based on fractions and will continue to focus on fractions of numbers. The children will explore halving numbers using a range of manipulatives and will be inquiring into odd and even numbers and whether we can half both odd and even numbers.

The following are key questions that our maths will focus on:   How do you know each half is equal?   How could you check that each piece is equal?   What could you change to make sure that each piece is equal?


Next week we will continue to focus on the technical vocabulary that is used in explanation texts. Explanation writing explains how an object or a process works. Through Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop the children will be encouraged to collect words linked to living things.  Ms Jeves will support this work by teaching the children about how bees make honey.


Next week we will be continuing with the Set 5 of phonics:

ch, sh, th, wh

Camera Words:  like   do    says    what   going   give 

Please continue to support our work in school by playing the suggested games on the back of the bookmark that was sent home a few weeks ago.

Due to our Book/ Maths parade on Monday morning there were no Golden Book certificates given out.

The next Golden Book assembly will be on Monday 27th March 2017.