17 Jun 2016

Year 1 Update – Wk 39

Friday 17th June – Portfolios go home

Monday 20th June – Return Portfolios to school

Monday 20th June – End of Year Reports Live on the Gateway

Friday 24th June – End of Term 3. School closes at 12pm.

Monday August 15th – New school year begins!
How the World Works

Central Idea: The Earth’s changes affect the activity of living things

The unit is wrapping up as students are sharing what they have learned in their chosen inquiry topics. Some groups have made nonfiction groups and others have read reports or done dramatic performances and dances. The children are taking more of a lead in learning about what they are interested in and these inquiries helps give them the tools to be responsible for their future learning.

To assess student learning we have asked children to think about how their thinking changes as they learn new information. Using phrases like, “I used to think… now I know that…” helps gauge if students are adopting new ideas and correcting former assumptions.

This week has been a review of topics covered over the year to aid in assessments and emphasise topics that needed more time. If you’re looking for ways to include maths skills over the summer, here are some ideas:

  • asking for help adding totals when shopping
  • reviewing the calendar for summer events and counting remaining days
  • make a daily schedule
  • estimate how many items might fit in a jar
  • go for a walk and look for shapes
  • look for patterns in nature while on a hike
  • collect random items from around the house to sort by child created criteria, then regroup by new criteria

Getting ready for Year 2! We have been looking into the different ways that we make the long e sound, as in sheep. The four main ways listed below compose the first group of phonemes that classes will study next year.  Long vowel sounds can be tricky for young readers and writers, as they involve letters that often make other sounds, so they might be worth some practice over the summer.

ee, ea, e, y
people  live  brother  sister  house  where
Our main goal is for students to love reading and writing – to be excited to express themselves with words and to look forward to being entertained by the written words of others. Please keep this in mind over the summer!

This Week:

1H – Jayla Chung

1G – Emma Ho

1F – Kiri Toraiwa

Mandarin – Veda Yeung (1G)

A lot of students chose to learn more about an Earth change by using BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. This is a fun resource for a great number of science and nature topics. We noticed that some children had trouble retaining information from this type of media. If you’d like to help your child build comprehension and inference skills over the summer we invite you to use the BrainPop websites at home. Ask your child to recall what they learned and ask specific questions. Try asking questions ahead of time to see if they can find the answer!
Here are the login details:
Username: beaconhillhk
Password: brains