16 Oct 2015

Year 1 Update – Wk 9


As mentioned last week, we have finished our unit under ‘Who We Are’ and this week we had a some time to focus on our year long unit under ‘How We Express Ourselves’. Children shared what they already know about stories and had some opportunities to act out their favorite stories through role playing.

When we return from the holiday we will begin our next unit under ‘How We Organize Ourselves’. This is a great unit with the Central Idea: ‘People play different roles in the communities they belong to’. We would love your help with this unit! If you would like to come in to talk about your job or role in the community it would help us very much. Even if you think your job is boring or complicated, we can help translate it to be fun and interesting to young children. It’s what we are great at! So please contact your teacher if you would like to come in.


After the holiday we will also be starting a new Maths focus, with a shift towards understanding more about addition and subtraction. The Central Idea is: ‘Addition and subtraction are connected to each other and are used to solve problems’. 

At this age our motivation is to build familiarity with the concepts of Mathematics instead of memorizing equations. We want students to practice with actual objects as much as possible before moving on to written Maths. When school returns we will gauge students’ initial understanding of addition and subtraction and how they are related. We will also be playing lots of games to show what happens when you add or take away from a group of objects.

In English we have been connecting to the Unit of Inquiry on stories. Thanks to Ms Jeeves’ great work in the Learning Centre students have a much better understanding of book titles, authors, and illustrations.

We will also be moving on to the next group of phonemes and Camera Words! When practising the reading books at home take some time to focus on these sounds. If you come across a Camera Word, cover it up after reading it. Ask you child if they can remember how to spell it!

r    l    f    h    b   d    i    u
day    for    today
of    he    a


If you’re panicking over what to do with your child over the holiday, we have some great news for you! To strengthen student understanding of communities, we would love some electronic photos of your children in their local community neighbourhood. What is in your neigbourhood? What do you see? Snap a photo and we can use it to discuss the different things in our communities and how they help us.

Thank you, and have a great holiday!