9 Oct 2015

Year 1 Weekly Update – Wk 8

 Monday 12th October – Whole School Photograph

Who We Are

Central Idea: People have characteristics, abilities and interests that form who they are.

Over the past few weeks the children have been adding to their “All About Me” books with pages about their bodies, things they are good at and things that they would like to get better at. They have also been exploring their finger prints with Miss Chung by making a finger print tree. The children learnt how our finger prints are a unique part of us.

As we come to the end of this unit the children will be sharing their books with their Year 5 Buddies and will be expected to talk about how they are similar and different to others. The children have all had an opportunity to practice talking about their learning during UOI rotations and should be ready to share their understanding with their buddies. 


Next week we will be focussing on our year long stories unit.

People can share stories in different ways to communicate.

The children will think about how people might share stories with each other. They will also be talking about their favourite stories and retelling some familiar stories using sequencing pictures.


Central Idea: Numbers are a naming system

The children have been continuing to work on their understanding of the number system by engaging in practical Maths activities such as, using the 100 number square to order numbers, counting objects and matching them to numerals and 1 more than and 1 less than activities. They have also been continuing to measure body parts using non-standard measures.

Next week we will be bringing this unit to an end and we will be looking at the concept of time by asking the children to order events in their daily lives.

SAM_4618       SAM_4600


This week we have been continuing with our first set of phonemes and have been blending the sounds to make simple three letter (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. The children have also been using the camera words below in sentences and looking for them in the books that they have been reading at school with their teachers.

s     m     c     t     g     p     a     o  

  I, was, are, to, the, she

Next week we will be continuing to consolidate the children’s blending and segmenting skills using these phonemes and after half term we will move onto Set 2.


As a follow up to our Wise Kids trips this week please talk to your child about what they did and what they enjoyed the most. If your child has not yet been to Wise Kids take a look at the website and discuss where they might like to play when they get there.

One of the most popular areas at Wise Kids this week was the Art and Craft Corner. The children had the opportunity to choose their own art and craft materials to create models, pictures and collages. The skills that the children obtain through these types of activities are very important and should be part of everyday life for young children. At home think about giving your child the opportunity to engage in this type of play by providing different type of paper, glue, scissors, paints, empty boxes, yogurt pots, buttons etc You will be amazed at what they will create and the discussion that can arise from them creating their own pieces of art. Have fun!