4 Dec 2015

Year 2 Update Wk 15

pitchYear 2 Pitch Sessions
Our last pitch session will take place on Thursday 10th December 2015. As 2F and 2M already wear PE kit on Thursday, there is no change for them, but 2A will need to wear their PE kit on Thursdays too. Please remind children to bring a hat and a water bottle to school on this day.
Library Book Bag
Please make sure your child has their book bag and library books on the correct day.

Daily Collection                                                                                

Children are taken by their class teacher to the front stairs at 2:55pm daily, to allow them to leave the building in a safe manner by 3:00pm.

This week we completed our summative assessments for our 2nd UOI and moved onto our third unit with the transdisciplinary theme of  How We Express Ourselves.

At pitch this week the children enjoyed a variety of different rotations, with each class having the opportunity to work alongside their peers from all classes in Year 2. Some children have been working extremely hard to learn their songs for the junior choir Christmas performances. We look forward to hearing them sing and wed 2supporting them. wed

We can model numbers up to 999 using different methods.

 As we have been learning about place value, we have focused on adding hundred, tens and ones to a 3 digit number. We have played some maths games with our peers.

This week in Year 2 the children have been focusing on correct sentence structure. We have looked at pictures of a pollution and written sentences including the correct punctuation, grammar and adjectives. As part of our UOI we wrote some unaided sentences with adjectives. We have been using the skill of self check to ensure that our work makes sense.

During our fast write sessions we have been writing about a polluted and a healthy world.

Our guided reading sessions have focused on making connections with the text. We have been discussing our background knowledge related to the text and working on retelling the story.

We will be looking at some examples of poetry and the key features associated with this such as rhythm and rhyme. We will begin to create our own acrostic poems and identify that the letters of a topic are written vertically.



2A Isaac Presley
2F Jayda Ngan
2M Anna Yeung
SLT Award– Mason Chau 2M
P.E Tianne Leung 2A

The children’s last  spelling test of this term will be on Friday 11th December. They will not receive spelling homework on the last week of term. If you could please make sure they are completing at least 3 activities during the week, but recording only one in their spelling journals.


Children bring home one book per night to read with an adult. If they do not complete the book in one night, they are able to bring this home to read the following night.

Learning Centre

As you will have seen in the school newsletter it is now possible for parents, younger children and other family members to borrow from our library.  By registering for a family borrowing card you can borrow two books from any section of the library, including the new Parent Collection which contains books about healthy living, behaviour management, fun art activities and days out for children in Hong Kong.  The library is open for family borrowing at these times…

Before school After school
Monday 2.45-3.30pm
Tuesday 8.15- 9.00am
Wednesday 2.45-3.30pm
Friday 8.30-9.15am

To register for a family borrowing card please complete the form found on the school website’s communications page.  For any questions please contact Emily Jevesjevese2@beaconhill.edu.hk

Fruity Friday

Every week at Beacon Hill will be having ‘Fruity Friday’. Children are asked to bring a piece of fruit as their healthy snack. We will let you know in advance if and when PTA will be selling fruit so that your child can bring in money then.