20 Apr 2017

Year 2 Update Wk 27


Welcome back for the last term of 2016-17, we hope you had an amazing holiday and feel rested.

It has been a busy start to the term with the students designing and creating modes of transport from around Hong Kong. Across the year group, we have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to help us solve fraction problems. We have been having fun and using adjectives to help us describe and visualise different characters and real life objects. 

Ms Yu has continued to teach the children about colour mixing and they have begun to create some beautiful symmetrical paintings.


Central idea: Transport systems are directly related to the needs of a community 

Lines of inquiry: 

  1. Features/parts of transportation systems 
  2. Decisions involved in using transportation 
  3. How elements of a transport system connect to meet the needs of a community 

We have had an excellent start to the Unit of Inquiry this week. The children have been sharing their individual experiences from during the holiday and describing the different modes of transport they took with their families. Some children were on planes, rickshaws, boats and even Water Jet boats to Macau. We have thoroughly enjoyed our real life experiences.

The children have taken action at home and brought in pictures and models of the different transport they have seen at home and overseas.

Next week we shall be carrying out a personal inquiry into a mode of transport of our choice. Children are welcome to look for research at home and to discuss this with parents. We will also begin to create a report around their chosen transport.

In groups we will begin to plan our trip to Discovery Bay. We will choose different modes of transport and look at timetables to help us.



Find equal parts of shapes and collections

  • Equally share a collection of objects into 2 or more equal groups for example by sharing 12 balls between 3 bags by using number facts 4+4+4=12.
  • Discuss possible strategies if the whole parts cannot be shared equally e.g.: 3 people, 5 cakes – how much cake each?
  • Find equal parts of shapes for example folding paper squares – how many ways can you divide it equally?

Use the language of fractions, for example, half, whole, equal

  • Describe amounts using fractional language e.g.: this bottle is half full, there are an equal number of boys and girls in PE…

In Maths this week we have been looking at fraction word problems and using different strategies to solve these.  During mental maths we have continued to practise our skip counting in 2,5 and 10. We have also been learning about fractions through text and as a class read Give Me Half.

Next week we shall continue to develop our knowledge of fractions and will be designing our own flags using e.g 1/2s and 1/4s.

We will continue to look at groupings and develop our vocabulary ; equal, share, divide, half, quarter, whole.

 There was no Golden Book this week! It will return on Monday, April 24th 2017 .
Spelling Homework has begun again this week. The next spelling test will be on Friday 28th April 2017.
2M have been given their words for the class assembly to learn.

We are still looking for parent helpers to assist with PMP for Term 3.  The PMP program aims to give students experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing, making perceptual judgements and reacting through carefully sequenced activities. These include running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, sliding, etc. using a variety of common and specially designed equipment to develop perception and motor outcomes along with memory training.  Please email Miss Chung if you think you could commit to a weekly time slot at susan.chung@bhs.edu.hk