9 Oct 2015

Year 2 Update Wk 8

Monday 12th October

School photos – All children should come to school in their School Uniform and bring their PE kit if they have PE, PMP or after school sports activities.

2F- 10:00 am

2A- 11:45 am

2M- 2:00 pm


Wednesday 14th October


World Maths Day- $10 donation for UNICEF.

Friday 16th October

Sibling photos and school photos for children who were absent on Monday or Tuesday.

School closes at 3 pm for 1/2 term break.

Monday 26th October

School reopens


World Maths Day

This Wednesday 14th October  is World Maths Day. Last week, Mrs Dale spoke to all of the students during Assembly to explain the significance of this day. To mark the occasion, children will be taking part in maths games online. They will be competing in a worldwide competition. Children are able to practise by logging onto Mathletics and clicking on the WEG logo.

P.E. kit

We still have some children wearing P.E. kit on the wrong days, please refer to the table below for further information.

2A 2F 2M






Please note we will inform you if these arrangements change.

This week in year 2 we have been learning how to create graphs. We have used the results from our healthy eating journals to take a tally of our healthy habits and record these.

In English, we have been learning how to properly structure a procedure from start to finish and have been using sub-headings and bullet points to make our work clear.sport


Lifestyle choices can affect human health and well-being

The children from 2F had a super assembly, where they shared their experiences of a healthy lifestyle with the whole school and parents. Mrs Fennelly and her class worked extremely hard to produce a fantastic performance. We have taken part in some drama and we posed for still frame images of our favourite sports. Our classmates then had to guess what sport we were playing.

The operations of addition and subtraction are related to each other. 

Next week we will continue to work on bar graphs and pictographs. We will be looking at ways of recording data, and the questions we need to ask to find out the appropriate information. We will also be developing faster recall of our number bonds to 20 and beyond. We will continue to revise our understanding of 2-digit numbers through the use of 100 squares and mental addition and subtraction.

We will continue to look at procedural texts in class and focus on the features of the genre (title, goal, requirements and steps). We will be assessing our progress to show our understanding. Next week we will work in pairs and individually to apply our understanding of this text type to some fun procedures, such as; How to have a healthy day.

Our grammar focus will continue looking at the important role verbs play at the beginning of a sentence. We shall be learning to input these into our writing with accuracy.


5th October 2015

             2A – Alice Abagian Dall O

2F -Anissa Chan

 2M – Zedric Wong

Mandarin – Navraj Gill 2F


The children have settled well into choosing their home readers on a daily basis. Class teachers are currently assessing children’s comprehension and therefore some pupils may bring home a new colour of reader.


The children are handling the Year 2 spelling routine very well and we are delighted with their organisational skills and efforts in learning their words. The next spelling test will be on Friday 16th October. The children will have no spelling homework over the October holiday.

Fruity Friday

Every week at Beacon Hill we will be having our own ‘Fruity Friday’. Children are asked to bring a piece of fruit as their healthy snack. We will let you know in advance if and when PTA will be selling fruit so that your child can bring in money then.