16 Oct 2015

Year 2 Update Wk 9

Monday 26th October 2015

First day back after half-term

Friday 30th October 2015

2A Assembly – 9:00am

Year 2 Pitch Sessions
Year 2 will begin pitch sessions every Thursday afternoon from Thursday 5th November through to Thursday 7th December 2015.
We will let you know about the possible additional change in days for P.E. kit after half term.
Library Book Bag

Please make sure your child has their book bag and library books on the correct day.


This week in Maths the children have had a lot of fun with World Maths Day; they have been part of World Education Games via Mathletics. Thank you for all your kind donations to UNICEF School-in-a-box. http://www.3plearning.com/worldeducationgames/unicef/


We collect information to make sense of the world around us and can be organised in different ways

We have been looking at different ways of collecting data, the children have been using tally charts, bar graphs and pictographs to show information they have collected. They have been thinking about different ways of questioning to be able to collect information and then using this to record the data.


After half term we will begin looking at place value and learning to understand how the base 10 place value system is used to represent numbers and number relationships. We will continue to work on quick recalls of our number bonds to 20 and beyond as well as our understanding of 2-digit numbers in addition and subtraction.

The children have been working on procedural texts and should be able to tell you the key features of a procedural text. They have been writing some of their own at school. This week the children worked independently to write a procedure of ‘How to make a banana smoothie’. They used the strategy of two stars and a wish to reflect and evaluate their own work. The children really enjoyed marking their own work and learning a new reflective strategy that they can use.


Our comprehension key focus after half-term will be Making Connections, Fluency & Retelling and Background Knowledge. The children will continue working on their inferential comprehension and learning to read between the lines when reading their books. We have also begun our Unit 3 of the Get Reading Right Synthetic Phonics Programme, where we will be looking at the i igh y ie i_e phonemes.

 No Golden Book assembly this week due to school photos


Class teachers are currently assessing children’s comprehension and therefore some pupils may bring home a new colour of reader.


The children’s next spelling test will be on Friday 30th October. If you could please make sure they are completing at least 3 activities during the week but recording only one in their spelling journals.

Fruity Friday

Every week at Beacon Hill will be having ‘Fruity Friday’. Children are asked to bring a piece of fruit as their healthy snack. We will let you know in advance if and when PTA will be selling fruit so that your child can bring in money then.