4 Dec 2015

Year 3 Update Wk 15


  • Year 3 PE at the Pitch –  8th December
  • 3H Class Assembly – Friday 11th December, 9am
  • PTA Christmas Disco – Friday 11th December
  • PTA Christmas Concert – Wednesday 16th December, 7pm
  • End of term 12 Midday – Friday 18th December






  • Next week in ICT your child will be participating in the ‘Hour of Code’ (computer programming). Your child has a personal password in their home-school diary to enable them to access the website at home.
  • As you will have seen in the school newsletter it is now possible for parents, younger children and other family members to borrow from our library. By registering for a family borrowing card you can borrow two books from any section of the library, including the new Parent Collection which contains books about healthy living, behaviour management, fun art activities and days out for children in Hong Kong. The library is open for family borrowing at these times…CaptureTo register for a family borrowing card please complete the form found on the school website’s communications page. For any questions please contact Emily Jeves jevese2@beaconhill.edu.hk
  • Year 3 children will have a Christmas party in the last week of term. At the party the children will give a present to a secret friend. You will get letters regarding this next week.
  • Well done to all the children in Year 3 who remember to bring fruit and vegetables to school for snack on ‘Fruity Friday’.
  • Please remember that we have a no nut policy at BHS due to some children having severe allergies. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and nuts in cookies or cakes.
  • Now the weather is turning cooler please be aware that it often gets a lot warmer throughout the day. Therefore please dress your child in layers that can be removed as necessary.

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Who We Are


Central Idea – The interaction between body systems helps us to keep healthy and survive


Lines of inquiry

How the body systems work (Function)
Interdependence and independence between the body systems (Connection)
Factors that influence well-being (Responsibility)


The children will begin their new unit of inquiry about the human body. They will complete some fun introductory activities.



Central Idea

Addition and subtraction are related and are used to solve problems


Lines of Inquiry
The roles of symbols and the language of addition and subtraction.
Strategies for memorizing addition and subtraction number facts.
Mental and written strategies for adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers.

The children will complete work on problems they have generated themselves.




Please encourage your child to complete the Mathletics activities set.





The children will share some poetry with each other in their guided reading groups. They will also plan their own Christmas poem based on the ‘Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.



 Congratulations to : 


 Alegra Baloch(3H),Enok Tsang(3K), Henry Chan(3D)



homework2Forces Investigation

Homework 1 Homework 2



Maths : Problem solving