27 Nov 2015

Year 4 Update Wk 14

  • 1st December – Year 5 Bake Sale
  • 1st December – Transdisciplinary Skills workshop for parents.
  • 7th December – Yr 4 LEAP
  • 11th December – PTA Christmas Disco
  • 16th December – PTA Christmas Concert, 7 pm
  • 18th December – School Closes at 12 pm for end of Term Break
  • 4th January – Term 2 school begins


  • ISA data will be released around Early December and will be uploaded to Gateway.  Ms Susan Chung will send a note to parents when they become available.
  • LEAP trip letters have been sent home.  Please return your letters as soon as possible,
  • PE uniform days for each class – Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 4M, Wednesdays and Thursday for 4W and Mondays and Wednesday for 4J.


Pitching UP!

At the pitch this week the teachers were very impressed with the strengths  the children showed involving others in their games and collaborating to create their own games that used the space well.  Well done to all the children of Year 4!


Piecing it all together!

This week was the final week for our Sharing the Planet U.O.I.  The final assessment showed the student’s understanding of the impact of humans on the environment by using the concepts of ’cause and effect’ .  They reflected on the lines of inquiry with a rating scale which the teacher has filled in too.  This also saw the wrapping up of the children’s independent inquiries.  A big week all round!


The Tales they Tell!

In English this week the students completed a personal narrative using a picture prompt, not unlike the style used in the ISA Assessments.  These will be in the portfolios which will be sent home later in December.


Where We Are In Place and Time

Central Idea: Change in our world can happen through exploration and discovery

Lines of Inquiry

  1. Explorations and discoveries that have changed our world
  2. The reasons why people choose to explore and discover
  3. The effects of exploration and discovery on the recording of time

Concepts: Change, causation and connections

Learner Profile: Courageous

Attitudes: Curiosity and Integrity

In the coming week we will tuning in to the lines of inquiry of this unit.  We will be looking at timelines and examples of terrific explorations and discoveries that have influenced modern times.

Addition and Subtraction

Central Idea (Number)- The operations of addition and  subtraction are related to each other and used to process information to solve problems

Lines of Inquiry

  • Mental and written methods that can be applied for exact and approximate calculations
  • How we use addition and subtraction to solve problems
  • The different mental strategies used to solve problems

Mental strategies for this unit:

  • Jump Strategy
  • Split Strategy
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Doubles and Near Doubles
  • Working Backwards

Some websites to use at home


Measurement – Time

Central Idea (Strand)- Events have attributes that can be measured using appropriate tools.


Lines of Inquiry

Solving real-life situations using Time

The many ways of recording and measuring Time


The children will be:

  • Inquiring into how measurement of time has developed (linked with U.O.I)
  • Reading time to the nearest minute
  • Calculating elapsed time
  • Reading 24 hour clocks
  • Using am and pm




Our new writing style is Persuasion, writing to persuade or convince others of an opinion.  Children will learn to understand the difference between fact and opinion.  When you read with your child this week encourage them to identify characters opinions in fictional reading and facts when reading non-fiction.
Home Reading
Continue with Reading Eggspress and school texts when possible.  Children are to complete the quizzes at the end of the text.
20 mins per night
Week 15 – Area
Cooler Weather has arrived! With the cooler weather the children are naturally wanting to wear more layers of clothing to school.  Please note that school uniform must be worn properly, in particular in P.E.School jumpers, P.E. jackets and vests are to be worn, instead of non uniform long-sleeve tops underneath P.E. and school shirts.  Puffer jackets are not part of the school uniform, please have your child wear the BHS winter jacket instead. 


Music – Mr Gibson

Mr Gibson has shared a link to help the kids practice their ukulele at home.  Just remember, recorders sound much worse!!


Ukuleles to be brought to school on the following days; 4M Thursdays, 4W and 4J Fridays


  • Children are encouraged to bring in fruit and vegetable sticks on Fridays to support BHS’s Fruit Fridays.


  • Remember to give your child a healthy start to the day with breakfast and a nutritious snack to ensure sustained energy levels.


  • Please remember to sign your child’s home reading journal so that they are able to borrow a new book. A kind reminder that students are expected to read Reading Eggspress twice a week.