16 Oct 2015

Year 4 Update Wk 9

  • Break Up Half Term – Friday 16th October, 3pm
  • School Reopens – Monday 26th October
  • All camp forms returned – Friday 30th October
  • Camp Snacks at school – Monday 9th November
  • Mandarin Parent Consultations – 10th, 12th, 16th and 18th November
  • Year 4 Camp – Wednesday 11th November – Friday 13th November
  • Parenting Workshop: Marie Marchand – Tuesday 17th November, 6.30pm


  • ISA data will be released around Early December and they will be uploaded to Gateway.  Ms Susan Chung will send a note to parents when they become available.


  • We will send out new letters regarding the LEAP trip once a date has been confirmed.


  • Camp forms – In order to ensure that camp organisation is thorough, please ensure all forms and payment for camp are returned at the same time.  This includes cheque, medical form and permission slip.


  • Camp Snack – collection of camp snack will begin after the mid-term break.  Have your child deposit the multi-pack snack in the box in the Year 4 crush area.


  • Have a safe and enjoyable week!

We began our new unit of inquiry – Sharing the Planet – with the noisiest and messiest provocation of the year.  Students were made to feel displaced from their natural environment by walking into a turned over classroom.  They reflected on how this made them feel and how they reacted.  Students began to make simple connections with animals in the natural world.

Final assessment for Area and Perimeter was completed along with a pre-assessment for narrative writing.


Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: People’s behaviour impact on the habitats of other living things

Lines of Inquiry

  1. Different habitats/ biomes and the living things found there
  2. Impact of behaviour on habitats/ biomes
  3. Human responsibility to habitats/ biomes

Concepts: Form, causation and responsibility

Learner Profile: Caring, principled

Attitudes: Appreciation

Pre-assessment: Children will pick from a selection of infographics and complete a graffiti wall.

In this unit the children will be inquiring into what biomes are found on earth, what causes changes to biomes and what can they/others do to protect habitats/biomes.

A Maths unit on Data Handling is connected to this UOI.

Place Value

Central Idea (Number)- Base 10 place value systems can be extended to represent any size

Lines of Inquiry

  • Using the language of number
  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers
  • Relationships between number within the place value system

Pre-assessment: Concepts within place value

The children will be:

  • Expanding out a five digit number and beyond using ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, units
  • Partitioning numbers up to 99 999 into place value (TH, T, H, T, U)
  • Identifying the value of a digit within numbers to 99 999 (24 300; 3 = 300)
  • Regrouping/trading numbers up to 99 999
  • Renaming numbers up to 99 999


Data Handling

Central Idea (Strand)- Different graph forms highlight different aspects of data more efficiently

Lines of Inquiry

  • How people collect and display data
  • How data is interpreted

The children will be:

  • Collecting, organizing and representing data (including bar and line graphs, 3-ring Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams) where one object or symbol can represent many data values



To entertain, create, stimulate emotions, motivate, guide and teach.

Elements of narrative include:

  •           Opening/orientation that usually includes a setting and introduces characters
  •           A series of events that build up
  •           Complication(s)
  •           Resulting events
  •           Resolution and ending

Pre-assessment: Writing a narrative


  • Nouns and verbs
  • Verb tenses
Home Reading
Continue with Reading Eggspress and school texts when possible.  Children are to complete the quizzes at the end of the text.
20 mins per night
Week 10 – Commence after Mid-term Break

Children are encouraged to bring in fruit and vegetable sticks on Fridays to support BHS’s Fruit Fridays.

Remember to give your child a healthy start to the day with breakfast and a nutritious snack to ensure sustained energy levels.

Please remember to sign your child’s home reading journal so that they are able to borrow a new book. A kind reminder that students are expected to read Reading Eggspress twice a week.