24 Mar 2017

Year 5 Update Wk 26

  • Thursday 30th ESF Spring Concert
    Friday 31st March– end of Term 2, 12pm finish
  • Tuesday 18th April – Term 3 starts
It was great to see so many creative costumes on Monday, well done everyone who made the effort. We had great fun on the playground seeing all the pupils and teachers and even made a human graph containing the whole school community.
      Tuning into our new unit has given us the opportunity to explore circuit components and how they can be put together to create circuits. We have begun to wonder about electricity and talk about different forms of energy.
We have been impressed with the ideas and commitment from all the groups designing and making games for the food fair. As  this is being typed they are busy working away in the hall to set up. We wish them success and can’t wait to see them all in action.


 Central Idea:

Energy can be converted and transformed to support everyday life.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Transformation of energy (function)
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy (connection)
  • Sustainable energy use in everyday life (connection)


We will be moving on to explore the properties of insulators and conductors by creating switches to add int the circuits we explored last week. We will be looking how to create different types of circuits and how energy is pushed around them and transferred by different components.



Continuing our focus on triangles, will explore the properties and names of different types and begin to investigate and measure angles within them. Please ensure children have a clear protractor with them this week, not ones with holes in as this makes it tricky to measure accurately.
We will continue to create linear and growing patterns identifying and applying rules to help solve problems. Some groups will be creating algebraic formulae to find the nth term in a sequence.

Our text for the unit will be explanations. Children will be playing speaking and listening games to build their technical vocabulary related to the UOI and also to explore the differences between describing and explaining. We will continue to read different scientific explanation texts to highlight and be able to understand the different features and structures.



No Golden Book this week due to dress up day parade.



Look at the website below and begin to create your own wonderings connected with Energy.  Be ready to share these with the class and add them to our Wonder Walls


Children may also explore further some of the concepts ad ideas associated with electricity and circuits using the following link.






Important Reminder – School Snacks and Lunches

Beacon Hill School have a number of children who are allergic to nuts.  When preparing snacks and lunches for your children please avoid using nut products like Nutella and peanut butter.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Please return any sold raffle tickets and remember more can always be requested.