9 Oct 2015

Year 6 Update WK 8

Tuesday 13th October – Camp information evening at 7:00pm…please bring your children along!

Wednesday 14th October – World Maths Day. We will take part in competitions on Mathletics, please bring a donation of $10 for UNICEF who are sponsoring the event

Friday 16th October – Sibling photos and the last day before the half term holiday week

Friday 6th November – Diwali assembly, please wear colourful clothing

Monday 9th November – Friday 13th November – Year 6 camp

Monday 16th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations……please sign up via the Gateway.  This is the chance to discuss the progress of your child before they take their Mandarin Benchmarking tests for Secondary School in January!!!!

Monday 16th November – Year 6 Theatre Workshop ‘Blood Brothers’

Wednesday 18th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations……please sign up via the Gateway.  This is the chance to discuss the progress of your child before they take their Mandarin Benchmarking tests for Secondary School in January!!!!


Stationery – Most children are equipped with the stationery they need, however some are missing some essentials. Please make sure that your child has all of the stationery that they need.

Eating a healthy snack at break time – The majority of year 6 are eating healthy snacks at break time. There are some children that are still eating chocolate and other unhealthy items of food. Please remember that they are setting the example to younger children at Beacon Hill.

Deodorant –although the weather is slowly cooling down please we still offer a gentle reminder about each child wearing and re-applying deodorant at school.  The classrooms get very smelly after the children being out in the playground during breaks and PE times.

All the teachers and EAs really appreciate your help and support in these matters.

Thanks again.

We had a great week in year 6 and enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with a jam packed week of learning. We have started our new UOI with a bang by visiting the history museum to get some inspiration for our own research.

Whilst at the museum we took notes and made observational drawings. This was a really fun school trip and the children’s behaviour was excellent.

The children looked at the previous civilisations of Hong Kong, learning lots of interesting facts about what life was like in the past. Our new inquiry is looking at how past civilisations can be used to make connections to present day societies. We have unscrambled the central idea and are tuning in to the unit. Some of us have even thought about what is needed to make a successful civilisation and have a designed our very own civilisation using the story of Weslandia to give us some ideas.

Huge congratulations goes to the following children for receiving this week’s Golden Book awards :

  • 6F  – Janice Tong, Kelly Mak
  • 6L – Maika Mohinani
  • 6H – Ady Lam

Next Wednesday is World Maths Day, how exciting! We will be taking part in a Mathletics competition on-line and we ask that all children bring in $10 for Unicef, as they are sponsoring the event.


Unicef will use the money raised to allow under privileged children to access educational resources, what a great cause!


Year 6 Unit of Inquiry 2

Transdisciplinary Theme : Where we are in place in time

Central Idea : Past civilisations can be used to make connections to present day societies

Lines of Inquiry  – We will inquire into…

  • characteristics of past civilisations
  • the way present day societies have been influenced by civilisations from the past
  • connections between past discoveries and modern day advances

Concepts : form, function, connection

Learner Profile : knowledgeable, thinker

Attitudes : enthusiasm, appreciation
IMG_2035In year 6 we have began to tune in to our new unit. This inquiry will give the children an insight in to life in the past and how civilisations have had an impact on the way we live today. To help us in school please discuss how Hong Kong has changed during your life time. Hong Kong has such a rich and interesting history, please talk with your children about the clues around Hong Kong that act as windows for us to see in to the past.

Number Maths – Operations

Central Idea : The operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are related to each other and can be modelled in different ways.math symbols_2

Year 6 started the new maths UOI this week and are enjoying looking at all different aspects of operations, from adding fractions to division with decimals. The children are really up for the new challenges this unit will bring.


Strand Maths – Data handling

Central Idea : Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication.

In our strand lessons we are beginning to look at data handling and are in the process of completing a pre assessment to see what we can remember from year 5.

As always, buddy spelling tests are up and running and will are held every Friday so Spelling Journals are an absolute necessity for Fridays. Spelling Journals need to be back in to school everyday to enable students to work on the spelling investigations in the back of the journal.


Spelling : Spelling Journal homework – 3 practice spelling tests to be conducted under the supervision of an adult at home, daily spelling practice and any additional journal tasks set by the class teacher.

Reading : Weekly reflections to be completed once a week. Children need to ensure they are reading at home each night for at least 20 mins and to write one weekly reflection about their reading in their diaries. Parents are not required to write a comment or to sign the book. However, continued interest and involvement in your child’s reading would be appreciated and will assist in their development.

Number Maths :

  • Mr Hoskins – Mathletics number activities and practice for World Maths Day.
  • Miss Fearn – Mathletics – please check the Number activities that I have set for you and I would really like you to practice on the WEG site ready for Wednesday’s World Maths Day activities.
  • Miss Fisher – Practise for World Maths Day and Rounding and Estimating Perimeters
  • Mrs Davis – Rounding worksheet plus spend a little time on Rounding Game and Decimal Rounding and of course practise for World Maths Day!

UOI : Ancient civilisations homework.

Please visit this website http://www.bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld/about/british-museum-objects/.
Your task is to find different artefacts from past civilisations and think about how they can be used to understand the past. you need to make reference to at least 3 objects in your Google doc (6F/6H) or in the Google Classroom (6L).


Thought of the Week : Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey