Our vision and mission

Our Vision

To be a happy, diverse and inclusive community where everybody has confidence to aspire to be the best they can be, now and in the future.

Our Mission
  • We create a safe, caring and supportive environment enabling purposeful challenge through a dynamic and rigorous curriculum.
  • We inspire and develop creativity and academic potential.
  • We encourage global and social responsibility.
  • We foster independence in thought and action.
We strive to be:
  • Motivated, life-long learners
  • Inclusive, open-minded collaborators
  • Compassionate, globally-aware citizens

(Collaboratively produced by all members of the BHS Community, Dec. 2014)

 Here is the version written by the students in ‘child-friendly’ language:

  • To be a unique and happy community
  • To work hard in a safe place
  • To be brave and to try your best at all times
  • To involve everybody in all parts of school life
  • To be different, be positive and strive to go beyond your limitations