Class Parent Representatives

The School and PTA look for class parent representatives at the start of each year. If you are interested in this role please contact .

What is the role? 

Class Parent Representatives support the communication between school, the PTA and parents to build a strong community network. We are looking for a maximum of two representatives per class. 

Why is this a great opportunity for you? 

  • Helps make connections with other parents and families 
  • Gives you more of a voice on important school matters. 
  • Enables you to connect with the Senior Management Team (SMT) and PTA more frequently. 
  • Help to shape events and new ideas
  • Priority to attend some school trips and assist the teaching staff if required.


  • To be an important communication channel between School, PTA and parents from your class. 
  • Participate in informal drop-in sessions with PTA representatives and SMT 
  • Be the admin for Whatsapp groups for your class parents. 
  • Contacting new families to the school to welcome them and link them into the Whatsapp group. 
  • Assist the PTA organising some of the events and finding parent volunteers.
  • Invitation to specific PTA meetings (maximum 1 per term, attendance optional). 

As a Class Parent Representative, you are NOT expected to become involved in individual school-related matters, issues or concerns. Parents are encouraged to contact SMT directly if they have any concerns and issues regarding their children’s school experience and learning. 

As a Class Representative, you are not expected to participate in every event that the class has involvement in. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Kind regards 

BHS School Staff and PTA