Payment System General Information

Payment System General Information


The Beacon Hill School Payment System saves parents from sending cash and/or cheques to meet miscellaneous charges at the school.

The miscellaneous charges cover a wide range of incidental expenses and activities such as ICT levy, camps, trips, workshops, swimming, staff run extra-curricular activities and yearbook purchase etc. We want your children to have a rich experience at Beacon Hill School and we are proud of the extra programmes we offer. These charges are paid by separate invoice throughout the year.

Each student will be assigned an e-payment System account in the ESF Gateway System to which the school will charge the account for the activities undertaken individually. Invoices will be issued electronically. Parents can check the account details, balance and transaction records online by clicking on the Payment button on the ESF Gateway homepage.

Instructions for the Payment System are available here

We accept online payment through PPS, PayPal and credit card (via Paypal). If you have any questions about invoices and payments, please contact the school finance team at 23365221.

Outstanding Invoice:

You may find your child’s outstanding invoice under the Outstanding screen. If you have more than one child in our school, please select your child’s name first. All overdue invoices are required to be paid immediately, i.e. you cannot skip the selection of overdue invoices when making a payment.


Statement and Receipt:

You may keep track of all the transactions by viewing the Statement. Once an invoice is paid, you may download both the receipt and invoice in PDF format from the Statement screen.



Each student has an eWallet to store refunds from the school. The eWallet balance will be automatically carried over to the next school year and will be refunded to parents when the student leaves the school. If you have other children in our school, you may transfer money from one to the other.



To streamline the payment process, the surplus of any trips and purchases will be refunded to the student’s eWallet by credit note. The system will offset future fee payments by the eWallet balance which will be reflected in your statement.


Payment Methods for Invoice Payment:
a) PayPal Payment

You may also pay with a PayPal account. Please refer to the Paypal website https://www.paypal.comto signup for a PayPal account.

b) Credit Card Payment:

You may pay with a credit card via PayPal without needing a PayPal account. Select the PayPal payment method, on the PayPal login screen, and select the “Pay with a Card” button to pay with a credit card. Please note that the ESF system does not capture any credit card information. 


If you have any questions regarding the ESF Gateway login or any technical problems, please email:


If you have any ePayment account queries, please email: