16 Jun 2017

Newsletter #37

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Dear Parents, Family and Friends,


Despite the fact we are approaching the end of this academic year, the students have continued to be very focussed enabling great learning to happen. Last Saturday some of our students participated in the ESF Aquathon. Well done to them and thank you to the teachers and parents who supported them.


50th Anniversary Water Bottle

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Beacon Hill School, special edition water bottles will be available to buy, in the four ‘house’ colours. A letter has been sent home so you can order the bottles. A copy of the order form can be downloaded below. When ordering the bottles we would anticipate the children ordering the colour that corresponds to the ‘house’ they are in. For our new Year 1 children joining us in August, siblings will be in the same house as their older brothers or sisters. Those new Year 1s who are new to BHS will be assigned a ‘house’ and this information will be shared at the upcoming induction morning, along with a copy of the order form so parents can ensure they have the correct bottle in August.

BHS water bottle order form.pdf



The calendar for the 2017-18 academic year is complete. The start date for 2018/19 is shown for indication only and families should avoid making travel plans for 2018 until the school start date and back-to-school work date are confirmed. Click below to download a copy. It is also available on the school website – https://www.beaconhill.edu.hk/term-dates-2016-2017/

BHS Calendar 2017-18.pdf




School Shoes

As mentioned previously, a company called Karaso, owned and operated by a couple of parents of a BHS student, sells high quality shoes which you can purchase online. They are suitable for school. They have kindly agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds from sales of their shoes to BHS parents, to the BHS PTA meaning you can get school shoes for your child whilst supporting the school. A special promo code needs to be used when ordering: BHSKARASO. They have an online store but you can also visit them to try out the sizes. The company is Karaso: https://www.karasoflex.com/ We have some samples available to look at outside our PTA Shop. Please note that this is an extra option available to parents and that the PTA is not able to provide assistance with any orders or questions about the shoes.

(Please note that this is an external company not affiliated to BHS or the BHS PTA).



Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



James Harrison


News from the English Team

We have been ready for the summer in the library for some time now thanks to this fantastic display by our librarian, Mrs Lowe.


Hunt the library books!

Next week may see the library shelves start to groan under the weight of 10,000 plus books, as we ask all children, staff and family borrowers to return their books to school. Please take the opportunity to look at home for any stray library or school reading books that might be hiding. Family borrowers can return their books in their child’s book bag. Mrs Lowe is set for a busy couple of weeks as she does a complete stock take of the books so there will be no more library borrowing this term. Home reading will continue until the 19th June. Thank you so much to the parents who have volunteered to help Mrs Lowe with the stock take.


Daily reading practise

As home and library borrowing from school ends, your children will still have several options for choosing books for their daily reading with you. They can re-read something from their own collection, visit the public libraries or access a new book via Reading Eggs or Big Universe.There are also lots of stories online that you can share at home. The Oxford Owl site is one example which has many books available to read online: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/reading-owl/find-a-book/library-page


Green Team

Dear Parents,


The Green Team would like to sell some plants that we have grown in the Butterfly Garden. The plants are looking very healthy after we have had such sunny and rainy weather and we hope that you will enjoy them.


We will be selling these plants on Plants Day, next Tuesday in the foyer before school and at lunchtime in the playground. We will be selling different kinds plants including, cucumber, chilli, marigolds (orange flowers), Vick’s plant (a decongestant) and herbs such as parsley, oregano, cinnamon basil and normal basil which is delicious on pizza and our plants are thick with yummy leaves.


The children will be selling the plants for $10 and the money will go to the WWF charity.


Thank you so much for all your support this year.

Jane Faragó


Aquathon Club


Well done to all the members of the aquathon club! An aquathon involves swimming 250m, a transition and then a 1km run. On Friday the whole club competed in a fun aquathon at KGV. This was an opportunity to experience an aquathon and all the competitors did their best and finish the whole race. All of them should be very proud of their effort. Thanks to Susan Ho for helping us with the team and to all the parents who supported us.


Then on Saturday it was the competitive aquathon. 12 members of the club raced against other international schools. The A team (Alvin, Ryan (6F), Douglas, Michelle, Fuyumi and Mia) performed really well and finished 19th out of 26 teams. The highlight was Alvin finishing 1st in the heat and Mia’s great run. The B team (Chi Him, David, Ian, Charlotte, Chantal, Tiffany) finished 22nd. Their highlights were Chi Him finishing third in the heat and Tiffany’s best performance of the season. Once again thanks to the awesome support we had from the parents. Also, thanks to Mr Thompson and Miss King for their coaching and Miss Chung for the thankless task of lap counting. A link to photos will be sent to parents of those children who participated.


Tim Teahan





Thank you to all the enthusiastic support, Year 3 family donations & parent volunteers of the Year 3 Bake Sale this past Tuesday 13 June 2017.  We raised HKD$3012!



Monday 19 June 2017 BHS PTA Uniform Shop will be CLOSED until Friday 11 August 2017, Monday 14 August 2017 & Tuesday 15 August 2017 before start of 2017-18 School Year on Wed 16Aug2017.


Have a great weekend!

Rowena Chow
Chair, BHS PTA


Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.