11 Jun 2020

Newsletter #37

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Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students


As we continue to prepare for the 20/21 academic year there are a few organisational aspects to share with you.  These include:

  • Teacher placements
  • Organisation for students’ new classes
  • Model of inclusion


Teacher Placements

As you know we have some teachers moving on this year and have some new teachers moving to BHS.  Please click HERE for the teacher placements for 2020/21.


Organisation for students’ new classes

Much thought has gone into the composition of classes for next year.  We have received some requests from parents for different models to consider.  We weighed up all options and I’m sure you can appreciate that it’s a big jigsaw – looking at staff, students’ needs, combinations and friendships.


Classes have now been sorted for next year.  Children across the three classes at each year level will be blended into a new class for next year.  Students have been asked to write a list of 6 students that they would like to be with in their class next year.  We can guarantee them and you that at minimum they will have at least one of their friends with them.


Students will meet their new teacher in the last week of school, either Monday 22 June or Tuesday 23 June.  This will be a nice introductory session to make the students feel more settled and informed prior to returning to school in August.  Teachers who are not currently at BHS have prepared a video to share with their students.


A hard copy note will come home to you on Thursday with your child, informing you of your child’s new teacher for August 2020.


Our model of inclusion

As you know BHS like all ESF schools is proud of how we meet students’ needs and we have a great reputation for catering for students who have more moderate or high needs.


In the past, our highest needs students have been clustered in target classes within each of the year groups.  i.e. one of the 3 classes at each year group has had either 3 or 4 students clustered together.


Having done a lot of research and reflection of our model we have decided to move to a more inclusive school-wide model where students with higher needs will be distributed across all of the three classrooms in each year group. We feel this model will increase independence, engagement and belonging for all students.


Staffing numbers will remain the same with each phase group (i.e. year 1-2, 3-4, 5-6) being supported by an Individual Needs teacher and 2 full time Individual Needs Education Assistants.  This team will work in partnership with the classroom teachers and EAs in each of the classrooms to ensure every child is flourishing and that those students with higher needs get the support they need, when they need it.


Distance Learning Survey – reflection

Thanks so much for your speedy response.  We have already received 160 responses!  Thank you.  If you haven’t had a chance to respond, please click this link.  It will only take you a couple of minutes.


Dress up fun for the last week of school

As you know in the last week, your child will come to school on either the Monday or Tuesday and then will be involved in distance learning on the last day of school (Wednesday 24 June) so we can graduate our year 6 students in three separate ceremonies.


On the last day of school for your child the teachers would like the students to dress up (no uniform) and have some fun for their last day in school! Here are the themes for each of the year levels.

Year 1 – Crazy Hair Day

Year 2 –  Beach theme (please wear trainers)

Year 3 – Pyjamas

Year 4 – Dress casual with silly socks

Year 5 – Summer colours

Year 6 – Beach theme.


New School Uniform

The exciting launch is below in the PTA section.


Kind regards,

Brenda Cook

Medical Authorisation Form

Please click HERE

Student Withdrawal Form

Please click HERE


Many thanks to Tristan Tang (3M), Sophie Fong (3M) and Kyra Wu (3D) for their wonderful modelling skills.


The new uniform will now go into production.  It will be compulsory for the new Y1’s. All other year groups will have the option to wear either set (old or new) for the next two school years.  The new uniform is be worn with black school shoes and white ankle socks.


We are still liaising with Central Procurement on when purchasing of the new uniform can commence and will let you know as soon as we hear. It is likely this will be available very close to the start of the new school year. Meanwhile the existing purple uniform will still be available for purchase in our PTA shop.  We will be closing on 12 Jun for stock take but will reopen before the start of the new term.


A sample of the new PE shirt is in progress and hopefully this can be revealed before the end of term.  White trainers will no longer be compulsory to wear with PE kits from next academic year, however students must wear proper sports shoes suitable for running and vigorous activity.


A reminder that there is a recall on the new navy winter track pants from the Central Procurement supplier which we started selling last November as they had some quality issues regarding “bobbling”.  They have agreed to replace these with an alternative 100% cotton fabric which eliminates this issue.  If you purchased a pair of these track pants and would like them replaced please can you bring them into PTA office by 19 Jun where we will exchange them for a new pair. Note, you will not be allowed to change for a different size.


DCK Lunches

DCK will distribute their menu for August orders next week.  Note this will be a ‘paper’ order and not be done online to avoid confusion with new class allocations.  If you wish to order please return the order form together with a cheque and place it in the box at reception.  To avoid confusion please write your child’s existing class not the new class for next year.


As mentioned previously DCK will be providing refunds for the February lunch orders.  They are still working on how to process this, whether it be in the form of credits or a cash refund.  Year 6 students will be processed before the summer break, other years may need to wait until the new term.  Thanks in advance for your patience and we’ll keep you informed as soon as we hear from them.



Although the raffle took place at the end of Mar we still need to collect all the unsold tickets and stubs for an upcoming audit.  This is a requirement of the lottery licensing board and failure to do so may affect approval of our raffle next year.  We have sent out letters to all those who have not returned them.  Please can you double check to see if they’re in the house.  If you can’t locate them please return the letter confirming they have been misplaced.  Thank you for your help on this issue.


Kind regards


EPIC Update

Please be aware that if you signed up for the free use of EPIC, an online book platform, it will end on 30th June.  EPIC! will continue to be free to use during school hours.  If you would like to continue accessing EPIC! after school you will have to pay their subscription.


Andy Thompson

Launch of the Year 6 Exhibition

A huge congratulations to our year  6 students and staff who have been supporting them for the exceptional learning they have done throughout the exhibition process.  As you can imagine this has been a difficult year and we are proud that our year 6 students have stepped up, shown independence and tried to do their very best.  Well done year 6 – we’re proud of you.

Online Cyber Safety

Susie Mclean has just launched a “10 week Keeping Safe in Cyberspace Education” series. It is provided free of charge. There are 10 videos, one per week on a Monday night 8pm AEST and then every second Wednesday. Susie will run a Facebook live event where parents and children can sit together to learn. There is an information video HERE.


Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.