18 Jun 2020

Newsletter #38

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Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students
As you know last week we shared some of the organisation for next year. Here are a few more details.

Organisation for students’ new classes

Classes have been sorted for next year and the children have been told today which teacher and classmates they will be with.  A letter will come home today or tomorrow with your child with your child’s teacher’s name for next year. Students will meet their new teacher in the last week of school, either Monday 22 June or Tuesday 23 June.

Annual Reports

Your child’s annual report will be released next Monday 22 June.  You will be sent an email with instructions of how and where to access.

School-based clubs for  Y5-6 next year (helpful for parent planning)

You will be aware the BHS teachers dedicate significant time to take clubs and extracurricular activities for students, which everyone loves.  I want to give the year 5 and 6 parents an advance notice of very popular clubs that occur after school.  We hope in giving you this information early that you will be able to plan other extracurricular activities around any of these clubs your child may be interested in.  These clubs will normally begin after 2-3 weeks of the school term. One of the clubs is new which I would like to give you more information about now.
Drama Theatre and Performance Club
In previous years we have included a  drama production in the final few weeks of Year 6.  This coming year we are keeping a great unit focussing on the Arts, Performance and Expression in year 6 AND a separate performance/production will be taken as an extracurricular activity. Therefore we would like as many year 6 students to be involved as possible and they will get priority to audition.  We would also encourage keen year 5’s to attend as there will be many parts. If there are additional places we will then invite year 4’s also.
Here is the weekly schedule for some of the after school clubs. More details about the myriad of other clubs will be announced in the new academic year.
The clubs below, start around 3pm and go for about 90 minutes.  More details on exact timings will follow next year.

  • Monday – Chamber Choir (Y4-6)
  • Tuesday – Football for girls and boys (Y5-6)
  • Wednesday – Drama Theatre and Performance Club (Y5/6)
  • Thursday – Netball (Y5-6)


Dress up fun for the last week of school

As you know, next week, your child will come to school on either the Monday or Tuesday and then will be involved in distance learning on the last day of school (Wednesday 24 June) so our year 6 students can graduate in three separate ceremonies.
On the last day of school for your child the teachers would like the students to dress up (no uniform) and have some fun for their last day in school! Here are the themes for each of the year levels.
Year 1 – Crazy Hair Day
Year 2 – Beach theme (please wear trainers)
Year 3 – Pyjamas
Year 4 – Dress casual with silly socks
Year 5 – Summer colours
Year 6 – Beach theme

School Yearbook

BHS produces a Yearbook annually and families are able to purchase this book towards the end of the year.  As you know this year has been a difficult one with many of our trips and activities cancelled meaning that our Yearbook couldn’t be the same as in the past.  However, we were determined to still have a book of memories for 2019/20.  So a photographic Yearbook will be available free of charge to every family.  We hope these will be available early next week.  If not, we will issue these on the first week back in August and current year 6 students can collect from the office. We will update you when we have confirmation on the arrival date.  I would like to give special thanks to the staff who make up our Yearbook Team, Kannis Tsui, Gabriel Wu and Chad Pheasant.
Kind regards,

Brenda Cook


Medical Authorisation Form

Please click HERE

Student Withdrawal Form

Please click HERE

Dental Care Service

Dear Parents and Caretakers,
The School Dental Care Service appointments from the Department of Health are ready to distribute to your child, an appointment slip will only be given to the enrolled students. If you wish to join the dental program please contact Nurse Crystal: crystal.tao@bhs.edu.hk for enquiry.
For the eligible students, please follow your appointment to visit the dental clinic on time, bring along any dental record and a toothbrush when attending.
If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact the 24-hour hotline 2760 5232/ 29286166 (other details are noted at the back of your appointment slip).
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Crystal Tao
School Nurse



For details please refer to previous Newsletter 37.

DCK Lunches

Deadline for August orders 24 June
A hard copy of the August menu was handed out to your child on Monday.  Click HERE for the soft copy. If you would like to order please fill in the form & hand back with cheque to reception by 24 June.
Refunds for lunches during school closures have been handed out to year 6 students.  For remaining years DCK are still processing these and will most likely be settled next term.  If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your patience.
Finally, have a wonderful summer break.
All the best to our leavers and for the rest we look forward to seeing you again next year.
Kind regards



Year 6 Exhibition Websites

We would like to invite you to view our Year 6 Exhibition websites that the students have produced.  The Exhibition is the culmination of our students learning through the Primary Years Programme, PYP. The students produced their websites to share about themselves as learners, about who they are as well as to share a design process to solve a problem in an area of personal interest to them.  Feel free to look through the sites and to leave positive feedback for them as they are all proud of what they have produced.
Click here to see the websites.

The Year 6 Team

EPIC Update

Please be aware that if you signed up for the free use of EPIC, an online book platform, it will end on 30th June.  EPIC! will continue to be free to use during school hours.  If you would like to continue accessing EPIC! after school you will have to pay their subscription.

Andy Thompson


Online Cyber Safety

Susie Mclean has just launched a “10 week Keeping Safe in Cyberspace Education” series. It is provided free of charge. There are 10 videos, one per week on a Monday night 8pm AEST and then every second Wednesday. Susie will run a Facebook live event where parents and children can sit together to learn. There is an information video HERE.

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