9 Feb 2018

Newsletter #22

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Dear Parents,


It was very disappointing to learn of the school closures this week, when the staff and children have been working so hard in preparation for our celebrations of the Chinese New Year. It was not the way we would have liked to finish this half term at this very special time of year. However, we hope that the prompt action of our teachers in providing learning activities via our website will help in continuing with the children’s education during these few days.


Each year group has a dedicated page explaining the learning activities we would like the children to complete.  Depending on the age group and area of the curriculum, these will either be updated daily or more ongoing activities will be posted. In the case of Mandarin, Music, Learning Technology and PE, those teachers will provide activities that would be comparable to the number of lessons the children would have during this time. We appreciate that many parents are working and therefore not able to support the children with the learning during the day – the activities will be accessible for all children without much support. It may be helpful for children to have a structured day, with dedicated ‘learning time’ for part of the morning and afternoon. If you or the children have any questions about the activities, then please email the class teacher who will be very happy to provide guidance.


ESF Stakeholder Survey

Stakeholders will soon be invited by email to participate in the biennial ESF Stakeholder Survey, which will be open from 5th to 19th March 2018. Through this survey we aim to find out about the impressions that parents, staff and students have formed about the education we provide. The feedback from the survey will help us build on our strengths and inform our future planning.

A parent invite will be emailed to the primary contact parent in your family on 5th March. [If you have a child at another ESF school you will receive a separate invite by email to participate in that school’s survey]. Students in Years 5 and 6 will also receive an email inviting them to participate in the survey. (The students will complete the survey in school).

We would be very grateful if you would spare the time to complete the survey. It’s shorter than in the past and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete (though may take a little longer if you wish to add comments in the optional comment boxes). All responses are anonymous unless a stakeholder explicitly chooses to identify themselves.


Due to the closure of schools we had to cancel or postpone many events. 3A’s Class Assembly which as due to take place today will now be on MONDAY 5th March at 9am.


On Friday 2nd March we will be having our Student Led Conferences. More information about this will be shared with you later, however I want to draw your attention to another event to celebrate our 50th anniversary – a ‘Silent Auction’ of student art that we will be holding on that day. Each class is currently creating a piece of art which will be on display in the hall on the 2nd March. Whilst you are visiting the school that day for the Student Led Conferences, we hope you will be able to visit the ‘Gallery’ in the hall where you will be able to make a secret bid for any of the pieces of art. The highest bids at the end of the day will be rewarded with the artwork in return for the amount of money bid. All funds raised from this will go towards school improvements – our Student Council will be deciding exactly how the money will be spent.


The final event of ESF’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations is taking place on Saturday 17th March. Tickets are available online and also on the day. It is being held at KGV from 3pm. We look forward to seeing many of you at the event.


The following Friday 23rd March is our BHS International Food Fair. As part of this we will be holding our regular raffle prize draw. Raffle ticket packs have been sent home with each child. It is very important for you to keep the money from sales of tickets and ticket stubs safe as the correct balance of money, ticket stubs and unsold tickets need to be returned as per Hong Kong Lottery License requirements.  Extra ticket packs can be requested. All proceeds go back to the school so it would be fantastic if everyone can sell their tickets to friends and family over the Chinese New Year break. Also included in the pack are flyers provided from some of the prize sponsors.


As we don’t have any students in school now, this will be my final newsletter before the official holiday. I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year of the Dog. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.




James Harrison




UOI 3 Reports

Dear Parents,

The report for your child’s third unit of inquiry is now open for viewing on the Beacon (Year 1 & 2) and Gateway (Year 3-6). To do so, you will need to:

  • Log on to the Gateway – tg.esf.edu.hk
  • Click on the ARR tab and Click on ARR Report
  • Click on the Printing Tab
  • Select the current year (2017/18)
  • Select your child’s name
  • Select UOI comments

Please remember to share this with your child also.

Year 1 & 2 Parents, you will receive a separate email regarding access to your child’s UOI report from the Beacon.

Kind regards,

Susan Chung
Vice Principal

Year 1-6 Student-led Conference

Dear Parents


You are invited to attend Beacon Hill School for the student-led conference with your child’s teacher on Friday 2nd March.  The student-led conference is an opportunity to share in the education of your child. The process empowers the student to report on his/her progress at school to parents.


The student-led conference will take 50 mins and involve 4 families at the one time in the classroom. Please ensure you arrive with your child at least 10 minutes before your allocated time. As this process involves all students and teachers in the school your child will only be at school for the given conference time only. Formal classes will not be in operation on this day for Year 1-6 students; children will come and leave with their parents.


During the conference process students will share their learning with you and you will experience 4 conference stations; English/unit of inquiry, Maths, Mandarin and participate in a 3 way interview with the class teacher.  There will be approx 10 mins per station.  If you are a new parent to BHS, please view the information video HERE.


At this student led conference, there will be an opportunity for Year 1 and 2 students to show their parents the Perceptual Motor Programme that they have been involved in.  This is a drop in and no appointments are necessary for this but we suggest you visit the PMP room before your Student Led Conference appointment time.  Please note that the children should wear comfortable clothing and parents should be prepared to take their shoes off.


To make your appointment, please log in to the Gateway to select your preferred slot. 

bhs.tg.esf.edu.hk     Communication > Student Led Conference 2018 > Select time


For parents with more than one child at Beacon Hill, we are opening the system for booking on Monday 5th February and giving you until Monday 12th February to make your appointment, after which date; the system will be open for all other parents to book.  This, we hope gives you the opportunity to secure times for your children near each other.  The deadline for all parents is Monday 26th February.


Please also remember to visit the Art Gallery in the hall on this day to make a bid for a class piece of Art.

If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me: susan.chung@bhs.edu.hk


Yours sincerely,

Susan Chung
Vice Principal

Green Team


The Green Team have been tackling the important issue of plastic waste. Each week since Christmas they have reminded everyone to try and limit the amount of plastic we buy and throw away, for example, plastic bottles, cups, cutlery, take aways and plastic bags.


In assembly after the Chinese New Year break, the children will show these pictures of examples of Beacon Hill School student snacks.



Please take a look at our examples, some of these boxes are clear of extra waste but some have unnecessary plastic inside the boxes. These extra plastic packets and pieces of clingfilm cannot be recycled in Hong Kong and are sent to the landfills. We ask that snacks are brought to school in just a reusable box to stop this extra waste. Snack boxes are air-tight and do not need these extra layers.


You will notice that some of the snacks are small packets that have come from a larger packet. The best way to buy this kind of snack is to buy one big bag and take a little from it everyday. This way, only one big bag is thrown away, not one big bag and lots of little bags.



The Green Team have also told the school about the app, Water for Free. This app shows all the places in Hong Kong where you can refill your water bottle. A great idea if you are out and about.


The Green Team have shared the impressive story of an environmentalist called Lauren Singer who has amazingly managed to put all her trash from the last four years into a mason jar. Limiting our plastic use is the best way we can stop plastic ending up in our oceans. If you are feeling inspired, you might want to try going plastic free for a week to see if you use more or less plastic than you thought. You may also be interested in visiting Hong Kong’s first Zero Waste Shop that has just opened on the High Street in Sai Ying Pun. Good luck!

Jane Faragó

Parent Volunteers

Our Year 5 children are currently in the middle of creating businesses for their Market Day to help raise funds for the Immanuel Kindergarten in Sudan.  As part of this unit the children will be presenting to a panel of experts on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th March.  If you have any experience in selling, or are interested in seeing what the children have created and are able to give up some time on either of the above dates, please email Mr. Pheasant – chad.pheasant@bhs.edu.hk stating the dates and preferred times of your availability.  Priority will be given to parents of children in Year 5.


Thank you,

Chad Pheasant
Vice Principal

Dear Parents


Watchdog are holding a workshop aimed at parents with children of SEN as well as typically developing child/children with the emphasis on the impact on siblings. The workshop sounds informative and interesting. Please see the details attached.

Colette Davis
Head of SEN ​

Raffle Tickets

We are already receiving money and stubs from sold tickets.  Huge thanks to those who have already returned the packets.  More tickets are available upon request.  Remember, the top selling class in Y1-3 and Y4-6 will be awarded with a class outing of their choice.  Please make sure the ticket packets are safe guarded and correct balances of money, tickets and stubs are returned to BHS PTA as all numbered tickets & monies are audited under requirements of the H.K Lottery License.

Bake Sale

Thank you to the Y2 students & families for your home-made Bake Sale goodies.  Y2 helped to raise $ 3,580 for the BHS PTA to help support BHS.  A special mention to all students who brought their own container to hold their goodies.  Not only did they help save the environment, they also helped to keep the playground clean

Y5 Pizza Lunch will take place on 6 March.  Please return form before 2 March if you wish to order.  Note, this date was revised due to the school closure.


Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will close from 1 March as we’re busy preparing for the Food Fair.  However orders can still be placed and these will be sent direct to classroom. The order form can be placed in the box outside the PTA office.



Deadline for March DeliFresh order will lapse on 9th February.  However if you did not manage to get your order in due to school

closure please contact DeliFresh directly on 2116 2207 or feedback@delifresh.com.hk


Wishing you and your family a wonderful Chinese New Year.




Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.