3 Jun 2016

Year 1 Update – Wk 37

Thursday 9th June – Public Holiday
Friday 10th June – BHS CPD Day
Tuesday 14th June – Year 3 Bake Sale
Wednesday 15th June – Last day of borrowing books for home reading.
Friday 24th June – End of Term 3. School closes at 12pm.
As the weather hots up please make sure that your child has a hat for playtimes and brings a water bottle to school on a daily basis. The children are encouraged to drink throughout the day and are able to refill their bottles at the water fountains.
This week will be the children’s last opportunity to borrow from the school library and all library books need to be returned by the end of next week.

How the World Works

Central Idea: The Earth’s changes affect the activity of living things.

Over the next few weeks the children will be choosing an area that they are excited about linked to changes that happen to the Earth. They will be coming up with their own questions for inquiry and will be looking at where they can find the answers to their wonderings. This is an opportunity for the children to really get excited about an area of personal interest so please have a chat with them at home about what they are planning on finding out about. Please also help them to find books at home or in the library that might help them with their inquiry.


This week the children have been enjoying learning about weight and have been exploring the concept through practical tasks such as, comparing and ordering the weights of everyday items, using the balance scales to find items that are heavier and lighter than their water bottles and weighing objects using non-standard measures.

Over the next few weeks the children will start data handling and we will be focusing on collecting, sorting and organising data using tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. The children will be encouraged to analyse that data they have collected by answering questions about their bar charts and pictograms. We will also be reviewing different areas of maths that we have covered over the course of the year.

Next week the children will be continuing with their work on writing to describe and they will be using their area of interest from UOI as a stimulus for writing. We will continue to work on good descriptive words and phrases that they could use in their writing. We are so pleased by the progress the children have made with their writing this year and we would now like them to focus on using punctuation consistently such as, capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end.

Next week we will be starting to look at the long vowel phonemes and we will be focusing on:
ee, ea, e, y
people  live  brother  sister  house  where
The Stanley Ho Theatre at the Space Museum is showing a film called Earth, Sun and Moon at 11:00 on Saturday morning, check it out!