Year 3 Update Wk 37


Year 3 Trip ‘Dreams Come True’ – Tuesday 7th June

Public Holiday – School closed : Thursday 9th June

BHS CPD Day – School closed : Friday 10th June

Year 3 Jobs day (see UOI below) : Tuesday 14th June

Year 3 Bake Sale : Tuesday 14th June

End of School Year : Friday 24th June at 12:00





Year 3 Trip ‘Dreams Come True’ – Tuesday 7th June

We would like all children to wear their PE kit for this trip.

If you are leaving for the summer holiday before the 24th June please let your class teacher know.

Thank you to the parents who generously volunteered their time to present information about their occupation to the Year 3 children. 

All children need a hat for break, lunch times and PE lessons. Please ensure they are clearly labelled. NO HAT, NO PLAY!

Please remember that we have a no nut policy at BHS due to some children having severe allergies. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and nuts in cookies or cakes.

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Central Idea: In a workplace people collaborate to work towards a common purpose


*Different work places and the roles people have

*The connections between people in a work place

*Systems that support collaboration in the workplace


The children will continue to inquire into the roles and responsibilities of different professions. They will have the opportunity to listen to several more parents who will present information about their jobs. The children will then create fact files from the presentations.

On Tuesday 14th June the children will need to come to school dressed as their dream job. The children will need to know the roles, responsibilities, skills and the people they would need to collaborate with in this job. They will present this information to the class.


Pattern and function
pattern 1
Patterns can be observed, described and represented using numbers and other symbols
Lines of Inquiry

Investigate, describe and represent patterns with numbers and other symbols

Identifying missing elements in patterns

Identify and describe patterns in odd and even numbers



Click on the link below and play the function machine!

Please encourage your child to complete the Mathletics activities set.


Persuasive Writing




The children will share some persuasive texts such as advertisements and will also look at examples in visual literacy. 

They will look at effective language and presentation skills needed to advertise a product through both drama and persuasive writing.




Please continue to read and discuss books with your child on a daily basis.




3K Cassidy Li  , 3H Kanna Takayama  , 3D Ian Yu  

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 Pattern and Function




Number Patterns