16 Apr 2015

Mar 23 – Green Week

Before the Easter holidays BHS had Green Week. Together with money raised from the Green Team stall at the Food Fair and activities from Green Week, BHS raised just over $7300. Well done BHS! The money raised will go to WWF and Animals Asia to help with their conservation efforts. During Green Week there was an endangered species art competition. From the entries submitted it is clear that BHS is full of very talented artists. Well done to all who took part.

The winners were: Ethan Lo 1W, Gabby Moore 2J, Sean Li 3D and Justin Li 3K, Matthew McCoy 4C, Maadhav Chand 5A, Noor Rizvi 6H.

The runners up were: Jasmine Maruli 1T, Gabbie Patience 2A, Julien Walle 3H, Stacey Lau 4M, Hailey Walle 5A, Bonnie Tsui 6F.

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