29 Mar 2019

Music Monthly Update #7

As part of their sharing unit on “Personal Histories” students are learning to sing and play some of the songs and nursery rhymes they have learned as young children.

We will also be exploring the historical context of some of these nursery rhymes.

Students will be learning songs that are about different forms of transport such as the MTR Song, Wheels on the Bus, Morningtown etc.

Students will also explore how different types of travel and movement can be conveyed through music.

Students will be exploring pentatonic scales and groups of notes to create their own compositions.

They will also perform some pentatonic songs such as Old MacDonald and Camp-town Races.

Students will be continuing their work on ukuleles. They will learn two new chords this month, A minor and D7.

They will learn to sing and play ’Molly Malone’.

Students will be looking at the way lyrics and melodies are used to convey meaning in music. They will be learning to sing and play the partner songs Cats and Mice.

Students are starting to learn and practise their songs in preparation for their Yr6 Exhibition. They are also starting work on the songs for their Yr6 production, Cinderella and Rockerfella.

Chamber Choir

Students have been practising several songs in preparation for the ESF Primary Choral Concert at Queen Elizabeth Stadium on 4 April 2019. For tickets, click HERE.