27 May 2016

PE Monthly Update #8

Games (football)

The Year Ones have just started their new games unit which is based around football. They will cover all the basic skills needed to play football and will use them in small game situations.

Movement Composition (gymnastics)

The focus for the Year One Movement Composition Unit is travelling. They have explored different ways of travelling on the floor and on/over different apparatus and will create their own travelling sequences.

Games – football

The Year Twos have just started their new unit on football. They will carry on with the skills they learnt in Year One and use these skills in game situations.


The Year Twos will be finishing PMP soon. To help the students please practise the following skills at home: skipping and  throwing and catching.

Games (hockey)

With their class teachers the Year Threes are doing a games unit on hockey. They have started by looking at how to control a ball and will move onto passing, shooting, defending and will play small sided games.

Movement Composition (Gymnastics)

The Year Threes are currently doing a unit on gymnastics. They will be looking at creating sequences and how to link sequences together. They will create sequences on different apparatus.

Individual Pursuits (Athletics)

The Year 4s are currently looking at athletics and are exploring the rules of athletics. So far they have covered running, throwing (bean bags) and long jump.


The Year 4 swimming lessons will start next week (Wednesday 1st June). Please make sure your child has everything listed on the letter.

Games (Rugby)

The Year 5s have started their new games unit with the focus on touch rugby. The focus will be on defending and attacking as a team.

Health Related Fitness

With their class teachers they are looking at health related fitness. They will look into why we need to be healthy and how we can keep fit and healthy.

Adventure Challenge

The Year 6s have started a unit on map reading and exploration. The unit focuses on three different sports and leisure time which involve map reading and finding things. They so far have looked at orienteering and geocaching and in the next few weeks they will also learn about munzee.


In their class PE lessons the focus is on playing a different variety of sports games that they have learnt over the school years at Beacon Hill.