18 Mar 2019

Year 1 Update – Week 26

Monday 25 March – Friday 29th March – Book week and Green week
Friday 29th March – B.H.S Food Fair
Friday 29th March – 1W Assembly
For Class Assemblies, parents are invited to watch their own children and should wait at the main entrance from 8:45 am. Assemblies usually finish around 9:30 am.
Friday 5th April – Ching Ming Festival – School closed
Thursday 11th April – Year One Sharing Day (More information to follow)
Friday 12th April – School closes for the end of term at 12 pm. 

1L class assembly. Well done to 1L, they sang, danced and acted out a story based on growth mindset.  Super effort 1L!

Music with Mrs Blair  This week the children had some extra music with Mrs Blair.  They sang songs from the past thinking carefully about the meaning of the words.

Photography with Miss Kannis this week the children started their media sessions with Miss Kannis.  They learnt about how to take a ‘good’ photo. Miss Kannis talked to the children about empty spaces and thinking carefully about where to put the subject of the photo.


Where We Are in Place and Time

Central Idea:  Exploring evidence helps our understanding of people’s histories.

Next week the children will continue with their clay sessions with Miss Cassie.  Please ask your children what they have been making with Miss Cassie. The children will also continue the extra music sessions with Mr Gibson and media sessions with Miss Kannis.

The children will also continue learning about dance from the past.  The children have been finding out about the types of movements people did in the past.  At the sharing day of the 12th you will get to see and join in with some dancing from the past.

Starting on the 25th March the children at BHS will be able to share their love of reading and caring for the planet even more during our Green Book Week. Here are some of the ways your child can be involved:
Dress up Day
On Tuesday 26th March the children and staff will dress up as book characters for the day.  There can be a green, environmental link to the costume, it can be made of recycled materials or it can simply be your child’s favourite book character.  Prizes will be given in each class for the most creative costumes.  
Get Caught Reading in Nature Competition
The children can enter this competition by sending a photo of themselves reading in the great outdoors.  There will be prizes for creative and fun ideas.  All entries are to be sent to Ms Jeves at emily.jeves@bhs.edu.hk All entries need to be emailed by 1st April.  Please include the child’s name and class in the email subject header. 
Art competition
Mr Hoskins and the Eco Squad have launched an exciting competition that all children can get involved in to draw or paint native Hong Kong wildlife.  All entries are due in 29th March.  The top two entries will be displayed in the school’s butterfly garden. 
More details about other events are available in this week’s newsletter. 

International Food Fair Poster Competition  

Create a poster using the computer, crayons or felt tips, advertising our International Food Fair.

There will be a prize for the winning poster and it will be printed and displayed in ESF schools and other venues!

Please write your name and class on the back of the poster and hand it to Mrs Mulligan  (Rm 301) by  20th March 2018.

Your Poster MUST include the following information:

Beacon Hill School PTA International Food Fair

Address: 23, Ede Road, Kowloon Tong

Date: Friday 29th  March 2018

                                               Time: 5 – 8pm

                                                  Free Entry

Live Entertainment

Children’s games with prizes

Nail and  transfer Tattoo Bar

Bouncy Castle

The Grand Raffle Draw

                                   Enjoy food from around the world!

This year we will be trying to be more eco friendly and minimise waste

Bowls and cutlery hire – $10 deposit


Action in the PYP at BHS

Thank you for all the great examples of Action that you are taking.  Action in the PYP is when students are inspired through their learning and their experiences to make a difference to their lives or the community connected to real life issues and opportunities.  We would like to celebrate our students taking action outside of school

Please could you email examples to me, tsuik4@beaconhill.edu.hk,  and I will share through our newsletter.  

There are different types of Action.  Last time I gave a description of how ‘participation’ is a form of action, below is a description of how advocacy is a form of action.

Type of Action



Promoting an idea that you feel passionately about e.g. social, environmental or political

Making people aware of an issue you feel passionately about


Sharing ideas with friends, classmates or family

Thanks – Mr Thompson


Next week in maths we will revisit place value.  The week will start with children making numbers using a variety of equipment such as numicon, base ten blocks, counters or unifix cubes.  Later in the week, the children focus on ‘trading’. This is the understanding that 10 ones equal ten and ten tens equal a hundred.

Support at home Setting up a pretend shop at home is a great way to reinforce children’s understanding of place value and trading.  You could use real money, pretend plastic money or counters to play. Children could ‘sell’ and ‘buy’ food or toys. They can make price tags, have goods on sale and also swap roles being the salesperson and the buyer.  Please send in any photos of ‘shops’ that you set up at home.

Mathletics: – There are now some more activities open.  Please enjoy supporting your child with these tasks.  If your child is not yet logging onto Mathletics independently please support them to do so.

Please help the children to complete the Mathletics tasks that have been assigned to your child. The children can also enjoy Maths Live and play other children live across the world.


Image result for question marks

Writing  Next week, the children will continue to work on their personal timelines.  The children will write a description of what is happening in the photos that they have bought into school.  Thanks to the parents who have been talking to the children about events and special memories in their child’s life and before they were born.

Reading Our comprehension strategy of questioning continues with the children focusing on trying to find the answers to their questions in books and on an app or website.  Children will also continue to sort and reflect upon questions that fit best to be asked before, during and after reading.

Unit  5 Phonics:

The phonemes for this unit are: ch, sh, th, wh
The camera words for this unit are: what, going, give, like, do, says
Please support your children in learning to read and write the camera words from unit 1, 2, 3 and 4.  When you are playing the suggested phonic games please use the letter sounds rather than say the name the letters of the alphabet.  If you need guidance about how to pronounce the letter sounds this link should help you  http://www.getreadingright.com.au/phoneme-pronunciation/

1P Ria Kishinchand

1L Curtis Kwan

1W Emma Wong

This article is originally from:
Top Art Events With Kids!
Art Exhibitions & Performances For The Family!

Hong Kong’s art season is coming up quick, and there’s just so many events to attend and exhibitions to see! To help you out, Little Steps has compiled a list of 2019 art highlights that will be great to take the kids to.

1. ART CENTRAL (MARCH 27-31, 2019)

Art Central returns to the iconic Central Harbourfront with great art, good food, and an incredible atmosphere. This is a family-friendly event that caters to the tastes of anyone in the family. You can expect performances, huge installations, new media art, and talks! Click here for more details.

For The Kids: Everyday there will be unique performances that you can watch!

2. ART BASEL (MARCH 29-31, 2019)

Art Basel is the centerpiece of Hong Kong’s art season, and it’s not to be missed. For its seventh year, the traveling exhibition will host 242 galleries from 36 countries! 

For The Kids: Art Basel itself is a huge maze of art that you will want to spend forever exploring. Make the most of it!

4. ART IN MARCH (MARCH 12-31, 2019)

This event hosts a diverse lineup of art festivities that include iconic exhibitions, a daily breakfast series with curators as well as conversations at Art Central with international artists, curators, and exports.

For The Kids: Check out the Story of Light exhibition!


This year, Pacific Place will be partaking in the art festivities by bringing in a large participatory artwork called “LUMENous Garden.” This piece of work is created by FoldHause, who have been contributing creative work to the iconic Burning Man festival since 2010. Expect large mushrooms and tall flowers that will glow in the middle of the mall!

For The Kids: Step under two huge origami mushrooms that expand and contract in response to the footsteps of people beneath the mushrooms!

6. ART AFFAIR @ MANDARIN ORIENTAL HONG KONG (March 23 – April 2, 2019)

Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental will be celebrating the season of art with its guest by presenting an artistic stay and sensory dining experience. The Art Affair room package includes inspiring privileges and exclusive access to the city’s two major art fairs: Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Central Hong Kong. The hotel will also exhibit artist Konstantin Bessmertny and serve a delicious plate of art at Mandarin Grill + Bar. The package will allow guests to experience artist Konstantin Bessmertny’s ‘Go East’ surreal artwork.

For The Kids:  Art-inspired welcome amenity when you arrive!


This fair is making its way to Hong Kong for the 7th time! This fair is terrific because, in over 20 years, these fairs have created a global contribution of over 5 million euros in philanthropy with their programmes that include curating emerging artists’ exhibitions, providing free art education and supporting its
chosen charities whose mission is to change lives using art!

For The Kids: Children can visit the Family Development Centre and relax with mindful coloring or create their own centering stone.



Hong Kong’s art scene offers so much for children and parents to discover. Go to any of or even all of the events we recommend!

March, April and even May, 2019. It’s Hong Kong’s art season!

All over Hong Kong