29 Nov 2019

Year 1 Update Week 15


Friday 6th December – PTA Disco – More information at the bottom of the update.

Wednesday 11th December – Year One Christmas Party – More information to follow next week.

Wednesday 11th December – BHS Christmas Concert

Thursday 12th December – Year 5 Market Day (See more information below)

Friday 13th December – School finishes for the Xmas break. 12pm finish.


Over the past two weeks the children have been tuning into our new central idea based on imagination. Mr Lowe has worked with each Year One class to teach the children how to use an app called Scratch Junior. This app is great for developing imagination and allows the children to create their own stories. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions!


    Central idea: Imagination helps us think, create and express ourselves
      Lines of Inquiry:   
  • Tools and structures to support making our thinking visible (Form)
  • How writers and illustrators create stories (Function)
  • How imagination can help you to solve problems in different ways (Perspective)
Over the past two weeks, the children have been exploring our new central idea. They have used their imagination to create new endings to stories, read lots of storybooks linked to our central idea, created their own stories using Scratch Junior and used their imagination through drama.
                                                                                                          Image result for imagination pictures"





                                                                     Numbers can be added and subtracted

                                                                                                                Image result for addition and subtraction clipart

This week we have started to look at subtraction as in inverse of addition and we have been exploring different subtraction strategies by using manipulatives, number lines, known number facts and the counting back strategy. The children have had lots of practical experiences of subtraction and played different subtraction games.


                   Measurement involves comparing objects and events    

                                                                                                                                 Image result for length"

The children have been introduced to our new Maths central idea based around length. We have been exploring the language associated with length such as; long, short, longer, shorter. The children have been engaged in open ended tasks involving the comparison of length, finding objects longer and shorter than their hand span and making strips of paper longer or shorter than a given object. Next they will be exploring length using non-standard measure such as; cubes and paper clips.

Please help your child to complete the Mathletics tasks set for them and have fun playing Maths Live. It is expected that an adult will support your child whilst they are completing these tasks. If you have any difficulties using the website please let us know.

                                                                                                                               Image result for writing"


                                                       How do writers and illustrators make their books interesting?    

In English we have started to look at our new central idea by looking at descriptive words (adjectives) that authors use in their writing. The children have had the opportunity to brainstorm describing words for different story characters and using sentence starters they have been creating their own descriptive writing based on a picture stimulus. Through their writing we have been focusing on the children using finger spaces between words and how to use capital letters and full stops.

In Readers Workshop, the children have been learning how to visualise – makes pictures in their heads based on what they are reading. 


Next week we will be starting to focus on Unit 3 phonemes.

The Unit 3 Phonemes are: v w y z j n k e . The children will be learning to blend the phonemes for reading and segment the phonemes for writing and spelling.

The camera words for this unit are:  all  is  me  no  they  said  These are sight words and we teach the children to take a picture of these words in their mind.

Please continue to use the phonics bookmark that will be sent home next week for games and activities that you can play together to support our phonics teaching.

Please also use the new laminated bookmarks that highlight the reading strategies that we are teaching the children in class to decode unknown words that they encounter when reading.                          

                                                                                       Get Ready to Talk 

As we work on developing the children’s language skills, in the Updates we will be asking you to take some time to sit with your child and talk about something linked to our unit of inquiry. This week we would like you to read a favourite story book with your child and discuss how the author and illustrator have made the story exciting and interesting. You could also look for adjectives (describing words) in the story.

 1P – Chun Hei Lau & Aria Davies

1G – David Liu, Jenelle Wu & Agnes Cheng

1L – Haylyn Lam, Audrey Chan, Ishan Choithramani, Dylan Hu



                                                                                            PTA Disco         Image result for disco"       

If your child is attending the PTA disco after school on Friday 6th December they can wear their party/disco clothes to school for the day. If your child has FMS or PE on this day please ensure that they are wearing something that is suitable for physical activity.   The children will need to bring their own reusable container and cup for their snack and drink which PTA will provide.


From the Year 5s
As part of their inquiry into marketplaces, the Year 5 students will be hosting a Christmas Market for the school on Thursday 12th December in the school hall. They will be selling handmade Christmas craft and Christmas-themed food and drink items.
Students are invited to bring along $80-100 to shop. We also encourage them to attend the market with a reusable shopping bag and an empty snack container for any food items they may purchase.
All profits from the day will go to support ImpactHK. This is a local charity that supports the homeless community with kindness and empowering them for change. Children from Beacon Hill have supported ImpactHK in the past through kindness walks and donations from one of the House Days. Please visit the link below to find out more about ImpactHK: