20 May 2019

Year 3 Update Week 34

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  • Thursday 30th May – PTA Quiz
  • Tuesday 4th June – Year 3 bake sale
  • Friday 7th June – Tuen Ng Festival (public holiday)
  • Monday 24th June – Class swaps
  • Friday 28th June (12pm) – End of school year

Year 3 Bake Sale:

It is finally our turn to host a bake sale for the PTA! Would each child please bring, in a labelled reusable container, around 8-10 pieces of cakes, cookies, or brownies to school. They will drop them off at the PTA office when they arrive for the everything can be prepared to be sold at playtime. A reminder that the treats cannot contain nuts and preferably home-made.

Related imageLunch forms can now be collected from Ms Anna at reception for new registrants.

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Year 3 Playdate Database

Arranging playdates to help your children develop their social skills were a major discussion points this week at parent consultations. Please find linked below documents to parent/ guardian contacts for children in Year 3, feel free to utilise them to help organise playdates for your child. The documents are free for you to edit so please make sure you read the important information on the top of the page before you add your contacts in. Please be mindful of others and only edit your contacts.




Year 3 Teacher Contact Information
Mr Matt Glencross – glencm1@beaconhill.edu.hk
Ms Marie-Claire Mulligan – marie@bhs.edu.hk
Ms Samantha Saxena – saxens7@beaconhill.edu.hk
Ms Jane Wu – wuj2@beaconhill.edu.hk
Year 3 phase leader
Mr Andy Thompson – thompa5@beaconhill.edu.hk
Learning Centre Days
3G – Wednesday
3M – Tuesday
3W – Wednesday 
PE Days
3G – Thursday and Friday
3M – Tuesday and Thursday
3W – Tuesday and Friday

Wow! What a fabulous assembly from 3G. It was evident that all the children really enjoyed showcasing their talents, well done to all involved!

The children have enjoyed enhancing their collaborative skills this week, especially using the personality compass. The children had lots of fun playing games and observing different behaviours. They enjoyed identifying what zone they were in. Ask you child to tell you about the zones of regulation.

Here are some photos of highlights of the week!

3M had lots of fun playing ‘Battleship’ to enhance their grid reading skills. Ask your child about coordinates!

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Central Idea:

Different approaches to collaboration influence the productivity of groups


The children will be inquiring into: 

Shared goals in group situations (connection)

Skills and behaviour that support collaboration (responsibility)

The impact of their behaviour on a shared goal (reflection)

Next week, the children will continue investigating collaboration in small groups. They will reflect on their roles within the group and workout what their strengths and weaknesses are when collaborating with others. They will then take on different roles within their groups to become better at collaborating through understanding how the different roles influence the productivity of the group.

Translation and location

The children will be learning to:

  • Describe direction and position using mathematical language 
  • Create and interpret simple grid references to show position and pathways
  • Next week, the children will continue to inquire into location and directions and familiarise themselves with relevant vocabulary to describe direction and position. The children will explore whole turn; half turn; quarter turn; clockwise and anti-clockwise.
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Exposition: Writing to persuade

Next week the children continue to read and deconstruct a variety of persuasive texts to identify the features of an exposition. They will investigate the vocabulary associated with persuasion and look at the influence of facts and emotions when it comes to convincing people about ideas and issues.

The children will explore talking stems and use these during debates.


Comprehension Strategy:  Connecting

The children will continue to identify connections while they are reading to themselves, other texts and the world.

3M – Shanica Yiu 

3M – Anji Wong Imaizumi- Absent from photo

3G – No Golden Book 

3W- Cody Ngai 

Mandarin – Hill Liu

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We shared and discussed these slides with the children regarding their home learning routine this year and they are buzzing with excitement! We will also be send home some (suggested) guidelines to help them manage their efforts and time. Assignments will be set up in the Google Classroom if anyone who chooses to create and/or share something digitally. Otherwise, the children can bring their learning in on the due date. Their work will be shared and celebrated in class.
Due date: Wednesday June 5th 2019

Spelling Journals
Children should bring their spelling journals home every day to practise their spelling words.

A reminder that on a Monday and Friday, the children will read from Big Universe and borrow home readers on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Big Universe passwords are in your child’s diary.

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Mathletics passwords are in your child’s diary. The children should check their accounts regularly and complete any assigned tasks.

Mandarin – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lesson