10 Jan 2020

Year 6 Update Week 18





Tuesday 14th January – Year 2 Bake sale

Friday 17th January – 2F Assembly

Wednesday 22nd January – CNY Assembly (9:15 am Y1,3 and 5. 1.45 pm Y2,4 and 6)

Thursday 23rd January – Chinese Cultural Activities Day

Thursday 23rd January – Chinese New Year Holiday (School finishes at 3 pm)

Monday 3rd February – BHS CPD Day (School closed for students)

Tuesday 4th February – School starts at 8.45 am

Friday 7th February – 5H Assembly


Other Important Dates:


Please note that our exhibition will be held on Thursday, 2nd April.  There will be a morning exhibition, starting at 11:15am, and an evening one, starting at 6pm.  Parents are welcome to attend either of the sessions.  We will send ut further communication nearer to the date.

PE Days
6D – Monday & Friday
6C – Tuesday & Friday
6P – Tuesday & Friday
Learning Centre Days
6C- Friday
6D- Friday
6P- Thursday

Central Idea

Design Thinking helps to make things better.

Lines of Inquiry

I understand the design thinking process 

I can explain the benefits of my exhibition project 

I understand how I develop as a learner


This week saw the launch of our Internationa Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Exhibition (unit or PYPX for short!). This year, we are taking the children through a mini PYPX that we are completing as a class, to give them an idea of the sort of thinking we will be expecting from them in their personal projects. We are going to be using design thinking principles to help us to empathise with people in our community to see how we could help. This week was the empathise stage. To start off, we thought about sports day and how it could be improved. We considered all the people and parts in the system and how they interacted. We then interviewed key people to get their views. We are really building a clear understanding of what goes on in sports day. 


6D used our maths sessions this week to cement our knowledge of BODMAS (the order of operations – brackets, orders (powers and square roots etc.), divide, multiply, add, subtract). At the end of the session, the children shared their learning in creative ways which helped us think about our exhibition sharing too!.


Our language work this week has been based around note-taking, writing questions for interviews and actually administering interviews. During the exhibition, our language work will be heavily tied into the rest of our learning. 




During the exhibition, students will be working on a range of different projects and, at times, this learning will need to be continued at home. Please assist your child by asking them about their project and reminding them to continue work they may have. 
As of next week, we have decided to put our usual spelling routines practice on hold.
Prodigy and Mathletics
These resources are still available to use but they won’t be updated on a weekly basis. This should allow us to be flexible with our maths education in class, reacting to topics that may arise as they happen.