25 Nov 2017

Learning Technology Monthly Update #4

A small group of elves have set up their workshop inside The Cloud and can be seen working away between now and the end of term through the magical window outside. Students have been interested in seeing how rear projection and simple holographic effects can be created with simple things we have around school.


Students in Year 1 have been using the mBot and Sphero robots and exploring how they move and are controlled.

In the coming weeks students will be exploring creativity and imagination in lots of different ways. We will be constructing using strawbees as well as making music using Incredibox and Toca Dance.



Students have been using Shadow Puppet Edu on iPad to record their understanding around their unit on waste that they have just finished. They can be seen in the photos below practicing by explaining their understanding of simple scientific ideas around water.

Year 2 have just started using My Create on iPad to create stop motion animations for their current unit about celebrations. We will be using this to focus on the celebration they are inquiring into and creating an animation about it.



Year 3 students have finished creating their ebooks in Book Creator and have just started using the BBC Micro:bit devices as part of their new unit. Students will be using them to make their own fitness tracking bands that they will code themselves.


In Year 4 we have taken a little break from our wearable technology to begin exploring and discovering with the makeblock robotics equipment. Students have just begun learning how to connect and code the components. This will continue and then grow into small groups making their own machines and inventions with it.



In Year 5 students have taken a small break from the coding and controller design project to do some things for their new water unit. We will return to the game controller project after.

Students will be learning how to create engaging infographics using canva.com and then using Scratch to create interactive display boards of the things they have learned in their water unit.



Students are finally completing their video tutorials which have taken a little longer than we expected. They are looking great though and will be really useful. Students are going to be starting to look at physical display technology to add engaging audio and visual effects to museum displays. This will include the use of VR.

Haruki shares above how to create some simple effects and using the tools within Scratch to code this scene. As well as the instructions it really shows the fantastic personable style of the tutorials many of the students have been creating.