17 Jun 2019

Year 1 Update – Week 38


Monday 24th June – Class swaps – the children will meet their Year  2 teacher.

Monday 24th June – Reports go live on The Beacon

Monday 24th June – All Home Reading books to be returned to class teachers.

Friday 28th June –     Last day of school. School finishes at 12:00



This week the children have been working on solving their own problems. With their class teachers they made a list of problems that affect them at home and at school. From there they designed something that would help them to solve their problem. In our Maker sessions with Mr Lowe, the children put their plans into action! It was really good to see the children persevering, problem solving and working collaboratively to make their final products. 

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands final took place on Thursday.

Well done to Ethan (1L), Myril (1L), Adita (1P), Vian (1P), Serena (1W), Audrey (1W), Niva (1W), Ashley, (1W), Lillian (1W), Sophie (1W)

We were very impressed with the children’s confidence and performance skills!

Home Reading

The children will not be borrowing home reading books next week. Please return all home reading books by Monday 24th June. Please continue to use Big Universe over the summer holidays. 



How the World Works

Central Idea:  People explore the properties of materials to help them design and make.

Next week the children will finish their maker designs and will reflect on their final products using a checklist that was formulated by each class. The checklist will include questions such as; Did you solve your problem? Did your design work? Did you use a suitable material?



Next week in Maths we will be reviewing our maths learning from the year by playing different maths games. The children will also have the opportunity to use the Maths equipment to solve maths problems.

Mathletics: – Please continue to use Mathletics over the Summer break!



Image result for determining importance

This week in reading we have been reflecting on ourselves as readers and thinking about all of the comprehension strategies that we have learnt over the course of the year. Some of the children reflected on their book choices and other children made posters about what makes a good reader.

Unit  6 Phonics:  

The phonemes for this unit are: ck, ng, qu, x
The camera words for this unit are: away, see, look, very, once, we
Please support your children in learning to read and write the camera words from unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  When you are playing the suggested phonic games please use the letter sounds rather than say the name the letters of the alphabet.  If you need guidance about how to pronounce the letter sounds this link should help you  http://www.getreadingright.com.au/phoneme-pronunciation/

1W – Karina Yamamoto

1L – Aiden Chu

1P- Daryl Chiu

Congratulations to the children who received a Golden Book Certificate on Monday.