21 Oct 2019

Year 3 Update Week 11


This Week In Year 3!

Congratuations to 3D for their fabulous assembly.

What a great week we have had! The children have been very busy preparing for camp by discussing their hopes and fears and making luggage tags to help them if they feel homesick. 

We had another successful pitch session with all the chidren engaged and being active!

The children continued to explore the features of a persuaive text with some classes creating their own posters to help them when writing in this style. The children also continued to inquire into addition and subtraction and used mental stratgies to help with their calculations.

As part of our communication unit, the Year 3s enjoyed using the microbits as a way of communicating!

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Monday 4th November – Mandarin Consultations

Thursday 7th November – Year 3 Camp

Friday 8th November – Returning from Camp

Friday 29th November– Wellbeing Day

Friday 6th December – PTA Disco

Wednesday 11th December – Christmas Concert

Thursday 12th December – Y5 Big Business Market 

Friday 13th December – Last Day of School (noon finish)


You should have, by now recieved your child’s luggage tag. Please write a little message of encourgment on it. We would appreciate if they could be returned on Monday 4th so the teachers can organise the camp packs which will include the camp T-shirt, camp booklet and luggage tag. Messages in Mother Tongue are very welcome.

Here are examples from last year.

Here is a reminder of what to pack for camp!



Year 3 Teacher Contact Information


Mr Mike Hoskinshoskim1@bhs.edu.hk


Ms Marie-Claire Mulligan – marie@bhs.edu.hk

Ms Samantha Saxena – saxens7@beaconhill.edu.hk


Ms Chloe Dale – chloe.dale@bhs.edu.hk

Year 3 phase leader

Mr Andy Thompson – thompa5@beaconhill.edu.hk

Learning Centre Days
3H – Tuesday
3M – Tuesday
3D – Monday 
PE Days
3H – Wednesday and Monday 
3M – Wednesday and Thursday
3D – Wednesday and Thursday


Central Idea:

Effective communication can be enhanced through different methods

The children will be inquiring into:

How signs and symbols facilitate effective communication (form)

How the Arts can be used to communicate (function)

The reasons for and impact of communicating in different ways (causation)





Addition and Subtraction are related and are used to solve problems

Lines of Inquiry

  • How we use addition and subtraction to solve problems
  • The strategies we use for addition and subtraction
  • The relationship between addition and subtraction

The children will be translating their understanding of place value into solving calculations accurately. There are new activities open on Mathletics to support their learning.

Ask your child to explain the split and jump strategies.

The children will continue their inquiry into persuasive texts. Please have a talk with your child about something they are passionate about, how could they turn that passion into a persuasive text?

Some children are passionate about the environement and would like to persuade others to not drop litter.

Others are passionate about not having to share a room with a sibling. Are they able to come up with valid reasons and use some persuavice techniques? Ask your child to tell you about, exageration, strong words and compliments.


Alice Deleu – 3D

Hobert – 3H 


Ally Chen, Hilary Yip, Quinton Tan and Hans Wong




Please click the link to see an enlarged version of the image below. Your child has to choose one of the inquiries in the document below. They can present their learning in any way that is relevant and interesting/fun for them. 

Homework is handed out on Friday 18th October and to be returned by Wednesday 30th October

Y3 Homework October 2019


Competition time!



Your child now has a reading eggs username and password. Please encourage them to use this at home as well as or instead of big universe. Their usernames and passwords are stuck in their diaries.
A reminder that on a Monday and Friday, the children will read from Big Universe/Reading Eggs and borrow home readers on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. 

Mathletics passwords are in your child’s diary. The children should check their accounts regularly and complete any assigned tasks. If they have completed all tasks then they can enjoy LIVE mathletics. 

Mandarin – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lesson