21 Oct 2019

Year 4 Update Week 11

Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th November – Year 4 Camp

Monday 4th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up via The Gateway

Wednesday 6th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up via The Gateway

Tuesday 12th November – PTA Bake Sale….please bring in $10 per cake and a reusable container to buy some baked goodies to support our PTA

Wednesday 13th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up via The Gateway

Wednesday 20th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up via The Gateway

Friday 22nd November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up via The Gateway

Friday 22nd November – reports go live to parents on The Beacon

Tuesday 26th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations…. please sign up soon via The Gateway

Friday 29th November – BHS Annual Well Being Day…..more info to follow

Friday 6th December – PTA Christmas Disco...more info to follow

Wednesday 11th December – BHS Christmas Concert 7pm

Thursday 12th December – Year 5 Big Business Christmas Market

Friday 13th December – last day of school for Term 1.…finish at 12pm

Year 4 Camp  – We do hope everybody is ready and excited for camp on Monday!  Please drop your luggage bags in the hall and take your day bags down on the playground, come up to the classroom as usual when our card has been held up.  Ms Jeves will be in the hall so she can collect any medication for the camp.
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Pitch Days – Year 4 will have pitch on Tuesdays for the following 4 Tuesdays. If you could please make sure that your child wears their P.E. kit on Tuesdays.  We will take to the pitch their hat and a full water bottle so can you please support your child by checking they have these items at school on Tuesdays?
Tuesday 12th November
Tuesday 26th November
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Learning Centre – We still have children forgetting their library books and book bags, please help your child to remember their things on the correct day.
4A – Tuesday
4F – Thursday
4J – Fridays
4J’s Learning Centre day will change to Friday while Pitch is going on. 
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P.E. days
4A – Monday 
4F – Monday 
4J – Wednesday 
Maths Madness Club
Miss Fearn will be running a Maths Madness Club each Monday at lunchtime for any children who would like to join.  It’s purely voluntary and is aimed at children who are feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of completing all their Mathletics tasks.  We will work on Mathletics and I will give them some Prodigy time and maybe even end with a Maths Madness Kahoot!  If you would like your child to join please just send me an email at……..
Here’s some photos of last week’s members…

Diwali – our whole school assembly was awash with colour on last Monday as we celebrated Diwali with a very special Diwali Assembly.  We watched a dramatisation of the story of Rama and Sita and thoroughly enjoyed watching the teachers entertain us with a special Diwali celebratory dance!



This week we have been continuing to use our reading skills to answer the questions we have about the habitats we have chosen to inquire into. The students have had opportunities to work alongside their class teachers, Mr. Thompson and our EAs to conference and consider how to improve their writing.  Here are 4J busy being publishers….


We have moved on to applying various calculation strategies whilst working through a series of word problems.  Some of these word problems included some irrelevant information so the children had to week out only the most important parts to solve their problems. 

We also looked at furniture catalogs to help us design our Ultimate Room.  The children had a budget of $4750 and had to choose what items they would put in their space without going over the budget.  Ask them how they went!

Here we are hard at it!



This week we continued with reading and sharing about different world habitats. We have carried on thinking about how humans impact on the habitats of other living things.

In the Cloud, the students continue to work with Mr Lowe, in groups of three, on their chosen habitat-in-a-box (diorama). The work is coming on really nicely and must incorporate a moving part that demonstrates how humans are impacting on this particular habitat.

Ove the last 2 weeks, we have finished our small clay sculpture fo our chosen animal and we have spent some quality time painting them ready to go inside the box diorama that we have made with Mr. Lowe.  In class, we then have decided on what information will be needed to go on our dioramas to best educate us all about the destruction of these habitats.

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Transdipinary Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: People’s behaviour impacts on the habitats of other living things.

Lines of Inquiry:

An inquiry into…

  • different types of livings things (Form)
  • what living things need to survive (Connection)
  • human responsibility to the survival of living things (Responsibility)

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Central Idea: The operations of addition and subtraction are related to each other and used to process information to solve problems.

Lines of Inquiry:

An inquiry into…

  • the different ways to model/show addition and subtraction
  • mental strategies that can be used to solve addition and subtraction
  • written strategies that can be used to solve addition and subtraction

Here are some questions we will be exploring throughout this UOI, maybe some of them you could discuss at home whilst you are monitoring your child with their Mathletics or Podigiy Home Learning.

  1. What are the different ways I can model addition and subtraction?
  2. How can trading games help practice addition and subtraction?
  3. What are the different ways to add and subtract on paper?
  4. Where do I use addition and subtraction in my world?
  5. What are the ways I can add and subtract in my head?
  6. Why do I have to add and subtract in my head?
  7. How do I know when I should use a mental or written strategy?
  8. How does place value help me add and subtract?
  9. What is an equivalent number sentence?
  10. How can I use different numbers to get the same answers?
  11. What is regrouping/trading?
  12. How can I demonstrate regrouping?
  13. How does regrouping and renaming help me add and subtract?
  14. How does estimation help me check my answers?
  15. How can rounding help me know if my answers are reasonable?
  16. How can symbols be used to represent numbers in equivalent number sentences?

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Writing – we will be continuing our work with Ms Jeves and how we can use interesting language whilst writing non-fiction texts.  We have considered how best to revise and improve our writing and have started publishing our final drafts.

Reading – we are focussing on the comprehension strategy of Determining Importance for our current UOI. Readers read with a purpose and look for what is important. We have been practising different ways of note-taking and looking for the important words in a text. We have also been spending some time researching our specific habitat and becoming an expert so that we can write interesting paragraphs in our writing sessions.

Throughout the year we will focus on all of the comprehension strategies to help with our understanding, fluency, and comprehension.

4J – Anji Imaizumi Wong and Sharun Guring

4A – Micah Wong, Casey Kwok, Kevin Huai


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Maths – please continue to work on the Mathletics tasks that your teacher has set for you. Your child has also ben enrolled in an online Maths programme called Prodigy game that we are also able to monitor, you can also create a parent account

Practicing and reviewing quick recall of your number facts is important!  There is a great online program called Hit the Button which can help you to do this.

Prodigy – all 3 classes can continue their Prodigy maths gaming at home too!

Reading – please continue reading nightly together and signing your child’s diary.  A comment every week would be a nice touch too.  There are also questions in the front of the reading diaries that you could ask your child to help them with their comprehension. Don’t forget the importance of reading TO your child also. 

Spelling –  please continue to learn your personal words at home ready for our buddy test on Friday.

Mandarin –