8 Jun 2018

Year 5 Update Wk 33

Monday 18th June – Public Holiday, have a great Dragon Boat Day,

Tuesday 19th June – Bake Sale….pls bring in some coins to buy some tasty treats

Monday 25th June – End of year reports go live on The Gateway

Monday 25th June – Class swaps day, the children will get to meet their new teacher

Friday 29th June – Last day of school, 12pm finish.  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

When is it safe for Kids to Use Deodorant?

Most kids need to begin using a deodorant when they are going through puberty.  Some kids, however, do have noticeable body odor and need to use a deodorant every day even before they start puberty.

Noticing the First Signs of Puberty

Since body odor is linked to puberty, it is important to determine if your kids have started puberty already.  Keep in mind that girls typically start puberty between the ages of 8 and 13 years, while boys start when they are between 9 and 14 years.

Controlling Body Odor

If your child is not starting puberty but has a strong body odor, there are ways you can help the child control any odors beyond just using deodorant. It’s important to teach your child personal hygiene basics, including:

  • Bathing daily—in the morning, if possible 
  • Showering after sports or other sweat-inducing activities
  • Washing all parts of the body, including the armpits, genitals, and feet when they take a bath or shower
  • Wearing clean underwear, socks, and clothes every day
  • Buying loose-fitting cotton clothing, which may help the child sweat less
  • Watching the child’s diet to see if something they are eating, like garlic, onions, or spicy food is causing or contributing to their body odor.

You might also change the brand of soap your child uses or consider using an antibacterial deodorant soap

Deodorants for Pre-Teens

If these tips don’t stop your child’s body odor, you may want to introduce your child to using deodorant. Since there aren’t many deodorants that are designed for children at this age, you might consider using one that is marketed for pre-teens or teens.

It is not necessary to use a natural deodorant as most deodorants do not contain any harmful ingredients. Some people are concerned about the aluminum content in antiperspirant, but studies have shown little risk associated with using products containing aluminum on your skin. But if you are concerned about the contents in antiperspirant, try using a natural product or just a deodorant.

Reference : https://www.verywellfamily.com/starting-to-use-deodorant-2634486

Stationery – As we continue our final term please take time to check your stationery supplies. A number of students are missing whiteboard pens and erasers and glue and we would appreciate if these supplies could be replenished.

PE Days – as we begin our swimming block the children will have one P.E lesson with Mr Teahan and one swimming lesson. Children should wear their P.E kit on these days (Thursday is a swimming day for all Y5)

5F Wednesday and Thursday

5C Monday and Thursday

5D – Tuesday and Thursday

UOICentral Idea : Having resilience and understanding changes promotes positive physical and mental well being.

An inquiry into…
  • factors affecting our well being
  • strategies for building resilience
  • life changes
Concepts : reflection and change
Related Concepts : resilience, balance, optimism and gratitude
Learner Profile : balanced and caring
Attitudes : commitment and confidence
As you are aware this week our focus was on Changes and Puberty which followed on from our Mother/Daughter and Father/Son evening here at school last Thursday.  Thanks to all who came along with their children to these evenings.  Below is an outline of each video that we watched and a summary of it.  We also completed some supplementary worksheets here in class and these will come home to you for finishing off.  Can we please encourage that you sit down with your child and discuss the workbook as your child may have some extra questions or concerns which may not have been answered in class.
LIving and Growing Video Summary

Unit 1 – Differences

  • female and male body parts using scientific vocabulary

  • differences in personality and personal preferences

Unit 1 – Growing Up

  • animal birth and growth

  • baby growth and development

  • likes and dislikes as children grow

  • changes from baby to about 5 or 6 years old

Unit 1 – How Did I Get Here?

  • pregnancy

  • myths about where babies come from

  • body changes from a girl to a woman and a boy to man using scientific language

  • genetic traits from parents

  • baby growth in the womb

Unit 2 – Changes
  • differences between young children and older children

  • body changes and reproductive organs

  • female changes

  • male changes

  • all changes during puberty

  • periods

  • changes in personal preferences and talents

Unit 2 – How Babies are Made

  • being friends and being a good friend
  • different relationships
  • sexual relationships and intercourse
  • different types of touching
  • why people want to be together
  • making love, sexual intercourse
  • fertilisation
5D Healthy Eating
5D have been learning about the influence of our physical health on our mental health recently. We have had a go at some healthy snacks that are helping us building our Wellbeing Recipe Books. We were lucky enough to have Stella in from JCSRS in to help!
Number Maths
Central Idea – Fractions, decimals, and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships.
An inquiry into…
  • the relationship between decimal fractions and common fractions
  • the relationships between fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • problems involving ratio and proportions
We have continued to develop the practical application of percentages this week when students were asked to identify the best deal for different trips. The students had to tackle the multi-step questions in a strategic way, considering each of the offers and carrying out calculations and selecting the best deal. The children are spending time discussing the different strategies they used.
Strand Maths
Central Idea – Manipulation of shape and space takes place for a particular purpose.
An inquiry into…
  • creating, describing and visualizing 2D and 3D shapes
  • transforming shapes
  • locating points on a grid
This week the children have been developing their inference skills through reading and discussing a variety of poems. The students have enjoyed sharing their individual ideas about what message or meaning the author was trying to convey and they have been working hard to use evidence from the text to back up their thoughts. This has involved activating their own knowledge and the students are developing an awareness of the importance of their own knowledge when making inferences.
Wellbeing Poetry
Year 5 have been looking at the different forms of poetry and how we can imply and infer ideas from them. In 5D we have been creating poetry anthologies that link to the 5 ways of wellbeing.
The children are part of the way through writing their anthologies, we have had some fantastic work that has been developed by deeply thinking about our planning before we start to write.

Well done to these lucky Golden Book Certificate Winners this week!

5F – Jonathan Chan and Koji Lam

5C – Bernard Lau

5D – Ember Yaranon



  • Read the Weekly Update
  • Mathletics – continue with the set tasks
  • Reading – keep up with their reading every night.  Don’t forget to get Reading Journals signed every night and children should be reading every night.
  • Spelling – each Monday the children are sent home their 10 personal words that they need to learn for the week.  Please, can a parent (or responsible adult) support the children by...testing them (written or oral), getting them to put their words into interesting sentences (written or oral), discussing the meanings of the words, thinking about synonyms and antonyms of that word, discussing words with a similar meaning etc. 
  • UOI – Please browse through our Puberty and Changes booklet and discuss any questions, queries concerns or issues with your parents at home.
  • PE – please make sure you take the time to collect all the items needed for your upcoming swimming lessons….goggles, towel, suitable swimming bag, flip flops, swimming cap, swimming costume, deodorant, $5 coin. 
  • Mandarin Home Learning