29 Nov 2019

Year 6 Update Week 15





6th December – Y4-6 Disco 

13th December – Term Ends – 12pm Finish

                                            13th December – Deadline for the secondary school deposit                              


From the Year 5s
As part of their inquiry into marketplaces, the Year 5 students will be hosting a Christmas Market for the school on Thursday 12th December in the school hall. They will be selling handmade Christmas craft and Christmas-themed food and drink items.
Students are invited to bring along $80-100 to shop. We also encourage them to attend the market with a reusable shopping bag and an empty snack container for any food items they may purchase.
All profits from the day will go to support ImpactHK. This is a local charity that supports the homeless community with kindness and empowering them for change. Children from Beacon Hill have supported ImpactHK in the past through kindness walks and donations from one of the House Days. Please visit the link below to find out more about ImpactHK:


Y4-6 Disco

The disco will take place on Friday 6th December. Students can come to school in their party clothes,but should dress appropriately if they have any PE/FMS lessons.  Students attending the disco will need to bring a reusable beaker/cup/bottle and empty snack box for a drink and snack. 

We have started our dance block and will be dancing on a Monday and Wednesday up until the last week of term. 
Golden Book Awards
Congratulations to: 
6C                                                6D                                        6P
Aadit Hirawat                               Evelyn Tung                         Alfie Tong
Aidan Chan                                                                              Sophie Wong
Monique Wong
Other Important Dates:
PE Days
6D – Monday & Friday
6C – Tuesday & Friday
6P – Tuesday & Friday
Learning Centre Days
6C- Friday
6D- Friday
6P- Thursday

Central Idea

Past Civilisations can be used to make connections to present day societies

Lines of Inquiry

Characteristic of past civilisations and societies

Reliability and relevance of evidence

Connections between past discoveries and modern day advances.


Over the last couple of weeks the students have continued to explore the geography, religion, achievements, political systems, entertainment, economy and social structure (GRAPES) of different ancient civilisations. Students have developed their note taking skills by exploring different ways to take notes, whilst being encouraged to adopt the approach that works best for them. 


Students have also been exploring the history of dance by looking carefully at how dance steps have evolved over time, and how particular styles have come about.



In maths we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. Time has been spent reminding students of how to add and subtract fractions and we have explored ratio and proportion. I have been delighted to see a number of the students transferring their understanding of fractions. 

In strand maths we have explored the difference between volume and capacity and how to calculate the volume and surface area of different shapes.


We have been working on writing our own TED talk, focusing on what makes a powerful and engaging talk. We have explored some of the techniques used when delivering a speech and talked about the structure that paragraphs should take. We have spent time crafting purposeful and engaging sentences to complete these. Together we worked on writing a class talk and students then had the chance to write their own. 


Number Maths 

Please continue with Mathletics / Prodigy at home.


Students should have brought home their reading journals this week and they should be reading on a daily basis: on Fridays we update our Reading Diaries with a quality recount entry. Please can we ask parents to sign next to the comment. Students should be reading every day.


Each week we would like students to do the following:

  • Choose at least 2 spelling activities and have a grown-up initial next to the activity completed. 
  • Write their spelling words out 3 times in columns. Look, cover, write and check.
  • Complete 2 spelling tests at home.
*If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher: Mr. Douglas, Mrs. Craig or Mrs. Palmer for further clarification. Have a great week!